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Day 9 in the Smoke Free House

Hi fellow quitters

I been side tracked with work so I jump to the week 2 Thread :D Longest time in 22 years I have quit smoking 9 days hehe.

Early days yet but for me something I thought I'd never achieve as I leaned to the addiction side on my "what type of smoker are you assessment".

I keep thinking the Champix is the Daddy but other than putting the nicotine receptors in the brain to sleep by blocking them and stimulating a very low production of dopamine in the brain it does very little else, I am told by my cessation nurse.

So I did a lot of the hard work myself it would seem? If anyone else is more clued up or has a good link let me know how it all works. I like to know the chemistry behind how the drug works.


I'm still having random smoking memory flashbacks, but they really do only last a few seconds.

Body still aching a bit, headaches.

Still can't deal with the sight of a regular sized plate of cooked food barf! Small meals/snacks and plently fluid is all I can face.

Working in smokey environment still making me feel sick/headaches.

Can't shut my gob. Seem to have to talk about everything get involved in stuff I really don't need to care about. Wierd?

Intensive dreaming and nightmares still non-stop all night. Not freaking me out yet and I must be getting rem sleep as I feel pretty ok and quite alert.

Latest senior moments: Forgetting to take off my wireless, rather large headphones and realising at bus stop I still had them on when the song went out of range lol :eek: Taking home a service users folder and medication dosette in my back pack and having to get up early on my day off to take it back grrr.


Breathing so much easier during the night. Don't feel like I am stopping breathing when I fall asleep anymore.

Uncontrollable snacking munchies settling down at last.

I'm not pregnant, it was bad wind.

Clothes are fresher much longer (as long as I haven't wore them to work)!

Skin still improving, healthier colour returning to my face.

Chest is clear, no coughing up muck and no colds.

Can't believe how easy, for me, quitting continues to be using Champix (other than a nasty 3 day withdrawal which I will never go through again in my life - horrid experience).

Eyes still getting brighter/whiter.

Nobody is moaning at me anymore about smoking and taking me seriously I am quit - non smoker.

When I hear the powers that be sending out the "smokers are bad" message in all it's forms, it won't apply to me :)

Looking forward to the first time I consult a Doctor and they can't blame my medical complaint on smoking.

Honestly, I haven't felt the stigma and oppression being a smoker in the past lol.

Thats my offload for another few days folks. Might be something inspiring in there for you who knows?

Chillax n stay quit


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Well done Andrew,

Am liking the list of positives :D I am sure it will get longer as the days go by. Must be awful to work in a smokey environment, can't imagine going back to that again. I remember the days :rolleyes:

Gaynor x


Hi andrew

Brilliant your day 9 ..........A great post to read mate, well done:)


Hi Andrew

Well done on reaching Day 9 - go you. You've hit the nail on the head about the champix - it's helped but you've done the hard work and stayed off the ciggies. I found that realisation helped strengthen my quit :) here's link for you Champix afraid your smoking cessation nurse is basically right ;)

Glad it was just wind :D and see how your positives are starting to outweigh the negatives. Stay strong :)


Well done Andrew,like reading your post, much of what your going through is the same as me.I'm doing it ct keep it up.:)


9 days

Just dropped in to say well done on your 9 days quit, so keep up the good work.



Hi Andrew another day 10 er I hope you are having a good one and less senior moments, mind you we all get them just not normaly so young LOL things will start to get better and you will feel loads of benefits but your list is a good one to keep reading and remembering why you quit in the first place.

Well done you and Day 11 not far away, and then you will be in to a month before you know it x


Big thanks to y'all. Was encouraging to come home from work and read your replies :)

@ Deano, don't know how you manage without any product. CT is torture lol. Well done.



well done to you andrew, we are all still here one way or another lol xxx


Hey andrew & deano your both doing just great.we are all with you :)


you too gaynor :)


mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hey Pookie

Thanks for the Champix link. I will check it out.

A x


me & kitkat are with you too :D


me & kitkat are with you too :D

yes not forgetting us little ones ...:D


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