High 5 day

Afternoon all!!!

Well, day 5 it is :D Can't believe how fast the days are going. Maybe it's because I am off work this week & holiday days always go quicker than work days LOL.

Don't feel too bad today but have felt sicky for a lot of the day which I could do without. It is nice to be able to breathe in deeply again though which 5 days ago was impossible without coughing my you know whats up :eek:

A chap walked past me today wheezing so badly............maybe not from smoking I don't know but looked at my OH smoking a fag & said that will be me if I have another of those pointing to said fag.

Have a couple of serious worries on my mind at the mo so I am glad that I have still managed to stay off them as usually I would be reaching for them.

G xx

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  • Well done girl, one day at a time and on your way to the Penthouse.

    If I can help out with any of your stresses and worries you know you can always PM me or contact me via FB.

    Stay strong.

  • Hi G glad the force is still with you :D at least this time you know the drawbacks to smoking and how easy it is to fall foul of that nasty little imp who is watching you every minute of every day waiting to pounce and get you to have another cig, which you want of course, this time you are so much stronger and have had the bad health bits come back and if you keep off them they will clear up again want they, stay strong and proud and smoke free xxx

  • Good on you thats the spirit. :cool:

  • hey gaynor

    5 days done ..almost a week....OMG. I really am very very very very made up for you (did i do ok with the verys :D ) ............

    I know how much this quit means to you....seems that your getting stronger every day :)

    heres to day 6 xxx

  • Yep five from me too G ..... looking good this quit of yours:)


  • Morning all, thanks for all your support & replies :D

    Feel pants to be honest. Don't know what else to say, my brain is empty :eek:

    G xx

  • It'll be day six then now :)

    Sorry you're feeling low - that empty brain feeling isn't nice.

    Stay strong G as it's a good thing you're doing :)

  • Thanks Pookie, I will do. :D

    G x

  • Morning all, thanks for all your support & replies :D

    Feel pants to be honest. Don't know what else to say, my brain is empty :eek:

    G xx

    hey gaynor Day 6 ..your doing just brill..almost a week, ...your brain might feel empty & fed up ....But the rest of you is having a good time ..getting all healthy & that...as well as your purse...........Be good today promise, with you on this always, dont do anything i wouldnt do :D

    lv kk xxx

  • Thanks KK, like the thought that the rest of me is having a good time getting healthy even if I don't feel it ;)

    Been shopping this morning to find we had been overcharged - again. Stood for ages at customer service with an excrutiating back ache, feeling so mis & wanting a fag :mad: OH did not have one in car on way home as usual which was kind of him. Wouldn't have asked for one but even so.

    Haven't had one & I promise to be good :D

    G x

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