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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Day 2

Hi everyone,

Once again thanks for all your posts & support for day 1 :D

To be honest I felt fine yesterday, no craves, no withdrawals which I did find a bit strange but glad of it :D

This morning got up to a grrrrrrrrrrr can't have a fag. Usually the 2nd thing I do when I get up :eek: Toyed with the idea of pinching one off OH telling myself it would just be that one then I would be ok for the rest of the day. Now you & I know that is just a stupid idea/thought so didn't do it.

Spent the whole morning feeling spaced out & brainless. Ah, yes, this is what I was missing yesterday, obviuosly took a while to kick in this time. Don't feel quite so bad now. I know why I feel like this, I should do after all my quit attempts but doesn't make it easier LOL. At least the patches got you through this bit. Did think of putting a step 2 on (have a couple left) but just thought I would get it over with now rather than in a few days time.

Also feel, bored, can't be bothered. That's making me feel annoyed with myself. Have decided today will be another rest day then going to get up & move tomorrow onwards. Not at work next week so can please myself at least ;)

G xx

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hi gaynor

day 2....I feel so good for you...Im not gonna give u all the its gets better speech , coz you already know it . All i will say is that one day you will look back & think wtf was all that about...You will think I not smoking anymore & you know what else you will think It was all so worth it (me hopes i will be thinking the same one day too :D )

Keep going gaynor....your very strong...And doing goooodie gumdrops :)

day 3 soon ;)


Hi G

Sorry missed ya on day 1. You've been down this road before so you probably know to expect the ups and downs on this ride. You did the right thing deciding to quit and that took strength. Well done.

I sympathise with the "spaced out and brainless" feeling, but in saying that I have moments of new found clarity since I quit which is a nice new feeling which I never had when I smoked!

Hope to see you on the forum regularly and I hear that it eventually does get easier.

Be strong



Hi Gaynor, well you knew it was not going to allow you a day without feeling sh1te didnt you, ah he is a nasty piece of work but you are doing really well and you know you cant even hold one in your hand cause even that would make you want one.

Stay strong and this time you will make it Im sure.

All things good will be there for you in this quit, and I feel you are going to get a really nice new manager who will be dishy as well LOL xx


Hi Gaynor, stick with it. Don't spend time pondering those thoughts about cigarettes, dismiss them as soon as they pop into the head or else the addict in you could eventually convince you that just one won't hurt, and we all know where that leads.

Stay positive, this quit will be the one!

Lorraine :)


Yay good to see you onday 2, well done. :):) and grrrrrrrrr...... iis fine by me, that sounds like my laguage. Growling is far better than smoking as long as the growling doesn't lead to biting the head loff some inoccent person lol.


Thanks guys for all your messages :D

Yes KK, am looking forward to the day when you can get through it without thinking of you know what. It's out there somewhere LOL.

Hope you are feeling less spaced out today Andrew, at least that part should not last long. I am on hols this week so at least don't have to try & work through it :rolleyes:

LOL Jamangie, yes he did decide to have a good old go at me yesterday as it is written but he didn't win !!!! Have a new manager, not dishy but nice chap.

Thanks Lozza, I should know by now there is no such thing as 1. 1 packet maybe but not 1 ciggie :eek:

It's ok FA, my growling was contained inside me & not projected at anyone :p

OH is still alive LOL.

The spaced out feeling did ease off during the day but could not get motivated to do anything. Apart from that moment of getting out of bed & realising I could not smoke I can say I didn't actually crave a ciggie xxxx


Hey G's it going ..... :)


All good thanks bradders. Have started a day 3 thread :D



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