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Bad Dreams

I woke up this morning and thought i'd smoked a cigarette. Laying in bed, just waking up, i realised that that was just a bad dream. It was incredibly vivid though and i could almost taste the cig when i woke. It was a nightmare really, i remember feeling guilty not because i had smoked but because i had enjoyed it.

This is now the 34th day of my quit. It feels a lot longer than that though.

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Hi James

Those blasted smoking dreams are evil but they are just dreams -think it's part of the healing process myself. Had some where I've woken up and still been able to feel the ciggie between my fingers - not nice.

Well done on your 34 days - nicely into your second month :D


Only had smoking dreams once or twice, but dreams in general a lot more vivid, it has to be something to do with drop in carbon dioxide or the brain being more alert! Not sure but I have had some weird/startling/lovely/amazing dreams since quitting and sometimes have to pinch myself that it wasnt real!!

It is not not nice that this happens to some folk and they actually believe they have smoked! Or maybe it is good that we can at least smoke safely in our dreams :D

You are doing great though, congrats xx


Here's the problem with a vivid dream where i really felt like i had smoked... i get withdrawal. OK, maybe not physical withdrawal - i've had close to 3 weeks of that horror. No, today i had a nice day full of cravings... coincidence with the dream - maybe? But cravings have been fine for me since after the third week or so. I blame the dream! :)


Oops... forgot to say that i'm handling the cravings by drinking beer! It seems to work for me for now. Although knowing my luck i'll swap a nicotine addiction for an alcohol one! :p

Just joking, i'll be back at work soon on the ship and there's a no alcohol policy there so i do all my binge drinking at home and dry out when i get back to work.


Hi james ..them dreams are weird..omg they feel real ..its a kind of unsettling feeling when you wake, but good too.:)

having a beer too well are you doing another demon knocked out:)

proud of you mate


Hi James Did you read my thread about my one and only smoking dream last week so so real, I thought I had dropped cig in the bed and was looking for it, I also felt guilty but mine was cause I thought I had smoked and was so sad I cried LOL OH thought Id really lost it, only once for me though thank goodness, they will stop I hope, I miss my sleep though and hope that gets back to normal soon.

Did you enjoy your hol with family.


Why do I read every one of Smith Alan's posts in a faux Chinese accent? :confused:


Back to OP: I still get a few dreams like that (now almost a month quit) and can almost smell stale cigarette smoke whenever I wake up in the morning - very, very feintly - as if I'd had a fag just before going to bed.


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