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Realistic dream of suicide


I woke up in the middle of the night after having the most horrific realistic dream of suicide. This scared me a bit.

I do NOT feel this way, whatsoever when I am awake and am very proud of my quit so far.

I have never dreamt of anything like this before and I understand it is just a dream, and I can't help what I dream.

Has anyone else had a dream like this before?

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Hi Jane :)

I'm sorry you had such a scary dream, that's horrible!!

Have had some pretty nasty ones too - don't normally get them - but that was 'cos I'm using patches and had been leaving them on 24 hours. I think dreams can be a side effect of quitting anyway though.

I hope you don't get any more!!

Gemma :)

Thank you both, your posts make me feel a little better, I felt it may have been caused by reading an article last night on champix.

I like to believe it is Nic O Tine playing his tricks on me grrrrr.

He will never get me in his clutches again. :D

Thank you both, your posts make me feel a little better, I felt it may have been caused by reading an article last night on champix.

I like to believe it is Nic O Tine playing his tricks on me grrrrr.

He will never get me in his clutches again. :D

That's the spirit Jane!!

He's a tricky little devil but I'm sure you're going to beat him!!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

From the many posts over the years I think it is safe to say that vivid dreams are symptomatic of quitting smoking. Often they are bizarre, sometimes they are pleasant but more often they are not. The effect seems greater with those people who use Champix but is not restricted to them.

You have had a very unpleasant one but it was just a dream. I had several including a couple of "smoking" dreams. One or two were quite nice, there was a very nice one with Billie Piper in.......but that is another story.

The important thing is that they pass, they don't really mean anything as I said they are just dreams.

horrific dreams

Good morning Janeissane

dangerous stuff is that Champix I went to smoking cessation classes and the trainer/tutor was very explicit about the side-effects(vivid dreams etc) of Champix and that it wasn't for everyone. Perhaps just your reading of these effects was enough to trigger your horrific experience of last night the minds a funny thing.

First and last attempt please don't think like that, I fully appreciate you've had a horrific ordeal but in the cold light of day it was just a dream a nasty one but still only dream.

All the best with your Quit

Michael a.k.a:- lefoy123 in Glasgow

Thank you Lefoy and Nic, yes it was only a dream and I do know that some people have suffered quite nasty side effects from Champix, but I am not one of them :), this was just an uncontrollable nasty dream. I have had lots of vivid dreams in the last 17 days, but all lovely ones involving Brad Pitt and the likes, this was the first nasty one and it included my children:(.

I will be looking at pictures of Brad before bedtime tonight and not Champix side effects, hopefully the Vivid Dreams return :D

Hi Jane, I had great dreams when Iwas taking Champix. They weren't horrific like that one you had last night just very vivid. YesterdaY I answered a post by Max on smoking dreams and guess what I had one last night. I dreamt I wanted everyone out of the house so that I could have a smoke but they were all dawdling around and wouldn't leave. The mind is like a sponge and it takes in a lot of information in the day and then gets rid of it at night I believe.

Oh, I took Jane's "first and last attempt" to be very positive and that this is her first attempt and there won't be another, because she will succeed on this one.:)


Thank you lostie, that is exactly what it means.

Thanks, both. hopefully good dreams tonight:)

Omg I had the most naughty dream last night!!! Not even gonna repeat what went on but lets just say it exceeded even my expectations of a wicked night lol! Ahh

As for dreaming of suicide, I guess the mind really does have a mind of it's own. Cannot control it at all times but I sure hope your dreams have been a bit more uplifting lately :)

Wen I was on the patches I had some amazing fun and so real dreams.. Never horrid ones

But I think we all have nightmares sometimes I had an awful one a few weeks back and it was of me finding my little bro dead but we were kids in the dream (he 22 now and not dead) proper stayed with ne that did.. And then iv had one of me mum dying the other day..

Just ya mind over thinking in ya sleep so don't worry about it x

WOW Shelly, I had one like that, that my great grandson drowned in front of me, god it was nasty I woke up sweating it was so real, thats when I decided to take it off at night, touch wood I dont have bad nightmares any more.

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