My night was very busy, the champix is definitely doing its job! Had one of those really vivid dreams.... No point in describing the dream but it was crazy, absolutely bunkers! I woke up falling off from a cliff and I could feel the wind and cold on my face absolutely unreal. For those that are getting 2 nd ideas, this was a random dream, no meaning. I felt because I didn't notice I was so close to the edge... I will certainly enjoy sleeping when I get ride of the champix. Good day everyone

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  • Mmaya.....Hang in there...Champix is good and really helped me to quit... Yes the dreams was there at stages but not that disturbing...

    My day was very tense due to my Rugby team playing against Wales in the world cup quarter finals...Had a 76 th minute winning try to win 23-19.

    In my smoking days I would have smoked almost a 20 pack in that 80 minutes(lol) but today there was only some chocolate sweets to "gobble"

    Stay strong and sweet dreams !!

  • Rugby... That's one game I can't even understand... Only soccer. Hercu, the dreams are not bothering me at all, it's like going to a 4d cinema for free, I might have enough ideas from my crazy dreams to write a movie or a book lol

  • Thank you...I love the idea that you actually enjoy it !! and do write that book !!

    Ok, I do not understand soccer but sometimes enjoy watching it and is amazed by some players skills, Incredible...!!

  • Thanks Karri...It was nerve wrecking !!!

  • Well done to your team Hercu, absolute horrendous start for Ireland v Argentina, can't believe it, bring us SA luck Hercu, please!!!! Can't actually watch at the moment...

  • Eish..Come on Ireland..lets hope for that 73rd min victory try...!!

    I also yesterday walked around the house and could not watch at stages !!

  • Well Hercu, you did bring us some luck but we just were not able for Argentina defense and we were missing too many key players. they done us proud though, will be rooting Scotland and South Africa now!!!

  • Great day. It's getting a bit chilly, just put the fire on, and we're eating crackers with cream cheese, sponge bob on the TV and cuddles time. No cravings at all during the day, I was out all day always surrounded by smokers and didn't even think about it. People are starting to realise I stopped smoking, had one person telling me today that my hair smells really good! Now, that's one I never heard before hahaha, have a great weekend everyone and keep going.

  • When I was on patches I googled about dreams and there are actually non smokers who use the patches purely for the dreams.

  • ...really?! I suppose there's all sort of people out there lol I don't think there's a meaning, the other day I was a lollypop lady controlling the traffic outside the school, another time I won the prize bonds - one million!... It's just one heck of an adventure every night

    Now, I'm making fun of this but I did have one nightmare 3 years ago that I was so bad when I woke up that my partner called an ambulance, he thought I was having a heart attack. I was also on week 5 and I dreamt I was in the hospital with lung cancer but literally dying. I had all sort of machines plugged to me and there was a lot of lights on the ceiling, the air wasn't going in no matter how much I tried, that was really scary.

  • It's like when you dream you are awake but in fact ur dreaming and sleeping all along lol its horrible!

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