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Champix - vivid dreams

Hi there, my second day today of taking Champix. I hadn't really intended to give up just yet but after seeing the nurse yesterday she kindly offered these and highly recommended them.

I've googled lots of reviews, very mixed, it either agrees with you or it doesn't by the looks, love it or hate it.

BUT, last night (day 1) for around 6 hrs I had the most vivid, exhausting dreams ever. Not nightmares, just full on busy. Woke up this morning feeling like I had run a half marathon in the night. Can anyone advise if this side effect falls away after some time please? TravelBugs

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I went Cold Turkey and had vivid dreams, I dont think its anything to do with the Champix, its the increased oxygen in your bloodstream making your brain act slightly diffently, I had terrible problems sleeping for the first wee while but it goes away, I promise, you are very nearly over the worst, pat on the back for you :D

Jill xxxx

does get better with the champix my second time doing this...............and after 2nd week of pills things start to calm a bit not a lot but a bit lol............but it is the stop smoking that is doing it your blood is running more free and your brain is breathing lol

I tried champixr, also had vivid dreams, they also had other bad effects on me and I stopped taking them, and the dreams stopped. But I did stop smoking so Champix set me on the right track. Lots of people do manage to take Champix without ill effects, so good luck.

I'm on 10th day of champix today, I love the vivid dreams, they're in colour and I can remember every little detail! Apart from today where I woke up in tears cause someone I loved got run over by a lorry. :')

Champix Dreams

I think the dreams are great. I am on my first day of not smoking after taking Champix and I feel fine. I have recently moved to greece where you can still smoke everywhere, but don't have the urge and can't recommend champix enough.. happy days

Champix dreams....

Well it turned out to be the first night only afterall for the vivid dreams, completely exhausting. I'm on Champix Day 5 now and yesterday morning was the first time in 30 years that I didn't want a ciggie with my first cup of tea of the day - I was a bit baffled by it really, can it really be that easy?? Had 3 cigs in the evening, pack finished. No craving or desire this morning - I'm cautiously optimistic. I had actually planned my Quit Day to be Monday next week... No other side effects to report except perhaps more cleaning getting done in the house for some strange reason :~))

Good luck to everyone else quitting, it has to be a good thing

Well done Travel bugs, I found the whole thing pretty strange as well, and my house is also a lot tidier:) Am looking forward to things tasting better and having some air in my lungs.

Best of luck


I can't give you any advice because I have absolutely no experience whatsoever. However, that doesn't stop me from giving you my opinion :eek:

I have read on this forum that many people have gone through similar things and therefore you are no different from anyone else in that respect. So long as your dreams are pleasant and not nightmares you should treat them as an added bonus to your quit :D


i can't give you any advice because i have absolutely no experience whatsoever. However, that doesn't stop me from giving you my opinion :eek


hahaha psml

On the second day of Champix. This, however, is the second time I am using them. The 1st time I tried, unfortunately, a few stressful things happened and I fell back into old habits. I must admit I enjoyed the dreams, though they are probably no weirder than my normal dreams. Good Luck to everyone.

Welcome to our community Lokichapman , congratulations on making the best decision of your life to stop smoking. We have several members here to stopped successfully with the aid of champix - as this post is over 7 years old and members no longer active / on our community, I am closing off replying.

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