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Married and still not smoking



I hope you are all doing well. Sorry I have not been on here for a while. I got married a week and a half ago so have been very busy!

As well as now being happily married I am pleased to report that I am still smoke free (4 1/2 months). It was so lovely not to have to go out for a cigarette on my wedding day or ruin my look with a fag in my hand! I am also delighted that I managed to get through the stress of planning the wedding without a smoke.

I am off to get an update on the rest of you now! :)

Love Hel xxx

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Hi Hel

Congratulations and we need to see some pics :)

And I agree wedding and no pics is unheard of so get that wedding album up and posted we cant wait, and well done you for not giving in to the stress, but I have to say since when has it been stressful for a woman when she gets married we all know the bridegroom does it all, oh did I hear someone say what a load of Bo*&^%$£ of course you did cause nobody would believe that would they, glad to see you back in the land of no smoking forum xx

Congratulations Hel on your recent wedding, hope you had a fantastic day.

Well done on being smoke free for 4.5 months, what a great achievement especailly with all the stress of planning a wedding.

Shazieb x

Hi hel

well done on 4half months brilliant..congratulations on your wedding too..good feeling that smoking didnt get in the way of your big day ...xxxxx pics yeah be nice to see xx:)

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