99 ????

Good Monday everyone.......

I was going to wait till tomorrow, but had a few minutes to spare, so thought sod it!! 99 days today!!

Have spotted a few posts about how people at a similar stage as me are still finding it hard and constantly craving. I also had a few days like that last week but they do pass........just think everyone how awful you would feel if you'd got to 2, 3, 4 or 5 months and started again. I know for one i would feel awful, and pretty sure everyone else would too. What an absolute waste of all that freedom from the awful nicodemon.

I can't imaging smelling like a dirty ashtray again!! I got in a lift earlier with the smoking gang from work. One word ...........Ewww!!!

Hope everyone is doing ok, and I will try and pop in a bit more often, I miss you guys!!!!! :D

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  • Hye beccy boo

    99 days is just too good:) ...im quite close to you on quit ..didnt realise ...yeah me too with craves n stuff ..but ur rite weve come tooo far ..:D

    You have been missed also ..x so get yourself back ok or ill tell ure mum on yer..:D

    Take care

  • Congrats on your 99 and soon to be 100 days :)..

    when i hit my 100 days i really wasn't as enthusiastic about my quit as i was in the first weeks, a bit like the novelty had worn off i suppose.

    but.. you just get on with it and settle in for the long-haul.. and the longer you go, the easier it then becomes.

    So well done, but never lose sight of how far you've come.. its always a great acheivement to have looked your demon in the eye and told him where to go :)


  • Hi Beccyboo

    How brilliant 99 change to 100 tomoz, what a milestone and at least you are being different.

    I hope and believe that you are feeling great and wooping every where, out on the town tonight celebrating or are you going to celebrate on here.

    Whichever have a great day xx

  • well done

    well done you and right behind you! I am still having bad craves but it's all in my head so am just going to ignore it. Gym is going great so far - knackered but I can feel the toxins leaving my system so all good...

    Off travelling again (in the UK this time as I got grounded because of ash again) for a few days so that should help. Being at home is definitely the root cause of my craves - OH isn't helping with this but hey I'll win on that one eventually

  • Well now it's 100 days ...for me as well:):) Never thought I'd get this far

  • 100 days - fantastic

    100 days

    Well done BeccyBoo and alG123 - FANTASTIC :D

    Keep leading the way :)

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