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Sometimes a boost is needed!


Reaching month 1 was a really great moment for me. I didn't think I was out of the woods but I thought the going would be a bit easier. Then to my suprise my thoughts seemed to be on smoking more and more.

I think that after 4/5 weeks, the 'novelty' of not smoking wears off. Friends and family mention less about it mainly I think because it is kind of old news. Let's face it, if your partner/child etc. had done well in an exam, would you spend the next 4/5 weeks congratulating them?

I'd even started to forget to put the money saved from cigarettes in my jar. Everyone was assuming everything was great, no one had any idea what was going on in my head.

My daughter had some homework from school, to design a cigarette packet (odd I know). I sat with her and gave her ideas and information and I was so relieved not to be smoking when I did that. They had a discussion next day in school about smoking and the dangers etc. and when she came home she was full of information about how bad it was etc. Then she turned and said to me, Mum I forgot you used to smoke.

After that I mentioned to my husband that the money wasn't going in the savings jar (he used to check the calendar and if there wasn't a tick on the date, he'd put the money in), and that it was still hard sometimes, and now all the support has come flooding back.

To anyone out there, if you feel like your fighting this little battle on your own, a few words to the people closest to you can make all the difference.

The support and information on this forum is invaluable, but we still need the support from those around us.

I didn't tell anyone I was stopping, for fear of failing again. I've now told more people, or word has got around, that i've stopped smoking and people are so pleased and proud for you. It gave me the boost I needed.

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Very true, :)

On a different subject I was trying to resist popping to the shop to buy chocolate and read "Sometimes a boost is needed" and I thought ohh a boost haven't had one in ages:p

lozza that is such a nice post, im glad you have some1 there to help you :) ,i know what you mean about the novelty wearing off, same is happening to me, no 1 cares anymore.

ps. did you know that me and you gave up on the same day :D


What a great post. Thanks for sharing that information with the forum. Always worth mentioning that whilst we are going through our quits, whether you are on day one or day 365 and further, we shouldn't take this for granted. For some just one will get us back into smoking 20 a day (or whatever was your frequency).

This forum is very important to help members with their quits because often we understand the best what a person is going through. We are the experts. But we are just cyber supporters. Do try and engage family and friends to continue to support you in your quits. Afterall, this could quite possibly be the hardest thing you have ever done.

lozza, keep on keepin' on :D


i know what you mean about the novelty wearing off, same is happening to me, no 1 cares anymore

Plenty of people care SL, they might need a little nudge now and then to be reminded to show it, but we're all guilty of taking people for granted. Be open and honest with people. If you're like me, i've always tried to hide a lot of emotion, to be 'strong' for my family. I've realised that you don't always have to be strong. I'm taking time to do nice things for people as well, which I didn't particularly go out of my way to before. Cook nice things etc. That way you get plenty of praise which makes you feel good. Doesn't have to be a pat on the back for not smoking, any praise makes you feel good.

SL we are at the same stage in our quit, your ups and my downs and vice versa. I'm up and the moment, stay strong so you can be there when i'm down.

To anyone feeling a bit low, go out and do something nice for someone, it's worth it. :)

my wife and 3 of my 5 daugthers smoke,,dont get much support from any of the family,unless i say i still dont smoke,grrrr,,.i stoped smoking for me not for others,,the best support i get is on here,and so does a lot of other pepole as well,,wish i could tell my family to take there smoking out side,as i hate the smell of smoke,,but there family,my wife thinks i am very crankey since i stoped smoking,,but its the smell of smoke that makes me crankey,hope you lot see were i am coming from,,,just keep the faith tony keep:D:D

Hi Tony,

I can appreciate how you feel. My husband still smokes, only in the kitchen but still while I'm in the house (actually he often smokes when we are in the car too) . He was really supportive to start with but I think he's a bit jealous that I can live my life without ciggies but he can't!

He knows that means he isn't as strong as me - that's never good for male ego is it?!!:D

hi jim,,i will take that under consideration,like the part about hosing down:D

jerry lee,,its the reverse for me ,she is not as strong as me ,i pray one day she will stop,,. keep the faith tony

fishing again on saturday,,how about you jerry lee,,get of your but and go,,you need to get out and do some fishing lol tony,,and you to jim

Tony, Maybe you could take a small room that has a window and ask your family to use it as a smoking room only. I used my laundryroom. Put a window fan in the window blowing the air out the window, kept the door closed and kept most of the smoke smell out of the rest of the house. Had a table and chairs out there too. Worked for five years and did not have to paint or clean walls anywhere else when I quit. Smoke stayed in the smoking(laundry)room.

Hi Lozza and everyone

Lozza what a great post and you are right once the newness wears off freinds and family tend to ignore what for us is an ongoing battle for want of a better word apart from all my freinds on here Stuart is the only one I rely on for support

Sometimes it feels like no one cares so guess we will all heve to care for each other instead

Love to you all


Hey you all keep smiling :D :D

very well said marg,could not have put it any better,,group hug to all on here,,aaaaaaathats better,,keep the faith tony keep:D:D

Hi Tony

Thanks for the hug that is definitely better I needed that Keep smiling :D :D

Hugs all round is good

Keeping the faith

Love Marg xxxxxxx

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