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lungs feeling better

hi everyone,

I haven't been on here for a while, i just wanted to share after two months and 10 days with the dreaded weed i have noticed my lungs feeling not so tight.

i have been doing some more walking up hills and find that really helps.

never had the coughing up stuff phase which i was weirdly disappointing about

does everyone one have that phase???

i have put on a bit of weight but dont think i am showing it, just filled out abit which im not too bothered about as was abit too skinny, i do eat more but now eat more fruit and for the first time in my life i get my 5 a day =)

i have also stopped the patches which i did by accident, as after three days i realized i didn't change my patch and though might as well stop it.

i am still using my inhalator but have started to use less of the refills to cut down. i have even tried sucking an empty inhalator but that didn't last long.

well thats my update

keep it up peeps



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