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Day 7 and feeling better!

Well....i made it to day 7 in 1 piece :)

I have to say that things are getting easier by the day and yesterday i even went a few hours without thinking of cigarettes,lol.

My major issues at the moment are the fact that iv totally lost my appetite and im having to force myself to eat...i was expecting to be eating a lot more to be honest.

The other thing is insomnia...i just cannot sleep at all,this i am really struggling with,i find myself so tired through the day but still unable to sleep come night time.

so tomorrow i am into week 2...i must admit there were points during this first week where i really didnt think i'd make it this far...but here i am and with the help and advice from people on this forum im hoping i can say the same next week.

Thanks guys :D

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Hey Danni... well done getting through your first week. Your body and mind are going through major changes and most of us struggled with sleep and/or weight issues because of that(although I hear peeps complaining more about weight going up vs down!) No matter.... your body is going through changes and it will normalize again... just focus on staying on track and sticking with your quit, everything else will fall into place again soon enough. bella x


Hi Danni :D

I'm pleased to hear that you're feeling better now and also well done you a full week now smoke free just hang in there


Marg xx


Well done getting your first week done, brilliant. Some people here tried the gently sleep aids you can buy in the chemist, you might give them a go, talking to the Pharmacist might help.



Good work Danni, must confess, I wouldn't mind a little loss of appetite!

As has been said, the body is going through some pretty big adjustment. It will settle down. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight, have you tried any relaxation cd's, must confess, they get me totally chilled.

Good luck and sleep tight.

Lorraine :)


My road to quitting got broken due to my added weight

You are so lucky I spent the first 4 weeks eating all the time when I was awake and I was awake loads due to the insomnia I put on loads of weight I was eating anything that stood still long enough lol but not now it will probably go the other way for you and your appetite will come back and so will the sleep pattern,

Congatulations on your quit keep us all informed and enjoy yor new found health x


the monster will lose

Hi danni, it sounds like the nicotine monster is fighting back which means your body is expelling all the poisons from your system.Things (sleep,appetite etc)do level off. keep going, you can do it.


Hi danni, it sounds like the nicotine monster is fighting back which means your body is expelling all the poisons from your system.Things (sleep,appetite etc)do level off. keep going, you can do it.

Thanks Marie :)

you are so right about the nicotine monster fighting back...i think i just found my appetite,it was hiding in the middle of a box of dairy milk,lol :D

Danni xx


Hi danni,

A huge well done on your weeks quit :)

I agree with everyone else, your body is going through huge changes & repairing itself. It will take a while for things to settle down but settle they will. Just imagine your body inside & it slowly & gently healing from all the damage imposed on it. Take pleasure & pride in that. Drinking loads of fluid, preferably water will help flush the toxins out & should also help with your sleep ;)

Gaynor xx


Hi, just wanted to say a quick hi as I'm on day 7 too. It feels good doesn't it- in the moments it doesn't feel awful! I'm hardly eating either- and for years I'd been saying "but I don't want to put on weight"- I just keep telling myself that a few weeks of a poor diet is much less damaging than a few weeks of smoking

Pol xxx


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