No Smoking Day
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Well hello month 1

Well I've only gone and made it to 4 weeks - whooppeeeeeeeeeee :D

Feeling ever so proud of myself and more importantly really positive that I can keep this up. OH is taking me out for a meal tomorrow to celebrate and I may even buy him a drink out of the £140 I've now got saved in my stop smoking account :p

Hope everyone else is doing OK and staying strong :)

Month 2 - I's a comin'

BEANIE - if you read this a big well done to you for tomorrow :D



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well done Pookie, you go and have a lovely time tomorrow. You soooo deserve it......



First month is a good milestone and like you said here you are entering month 2 room, and stilly sounding chirppy so keep it up and remember to stay focused because it can be a rollercoaster ride :D.

As for buying OH a drink nah save your money and buy something you have always wanted.

Yes I know I am mean, but you so deserve it, unless of course he has packed up as well then it might be ok to treat him????

Enjoy your night out and have a puddy as well x


Hi all!

I just cant believe we've done it! 1 whole month without the evil demon! woo hoo.

I really feel that this is achievable now and not just a pipe dream [no pun intended:D]

Well done pookie! Im so proud of us!

I really like the thought of saying im in my second month now, but i cant help wonder that my hurry to be a non smoker, is making me wish life away a little im always longing to reach the next goal post! :rolleyes:

Have a good evening

Beanie xx


Beanie dont worry that only lasts for a while then you just except that you are BRILLIANT and a no smoker well done you too xx


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