No Smoking Day
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Day 22 - Hello Month 1

Really can't believe I've moved into this floor already, the weeks are whizzing by :) Smoking isn't the first thing on my mind any more, nor the last thing on my mind at night which is a great achievement as the first thing I did of a morning stick one into my gob :) It's really helping me this time that my OH has also quit, the same day as me, we've booked our summer holiday to Portugal and the money we are saving is our spending money so we have a great incentive. :)

Good luck to each and everyone of you, this journey isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination but it does get easier with every passing day xx

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Awww well done Blondie......its great when you can see the weeks just totting up isnt it!?

It isnt an easy journey, but your positivity is oozing out of your post...its brilliant!! :D:D


Oh that's so fab, well done and how lovely to think the tobacco company is paying for your holiday too :D :D


Fantastic achievement Blondie :D

That summer holiday is going to be the best holiday yet. :)


Thanks everyone, I'm so chuffed :) xx


It's amazing how smoking gradually loses its "centre of attention-ness", isn't it?

I always believed people who said it gets easier, but to actually FEEL it getting easier is brilliant!

Well done :D



Well done to you and your OH, time soon starts to fly by doesn't it :D


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