Hello Mr MONTH 1 forum...xxxx

Hello Mr Month One forum. It's so good to be here with you. I've been 4 weeks trying to get to you..It's been a tough journey withs ups and downs... Tears and tantrums and at times I was nearly drawn back to my buddy DAY 1 forum but with the help of my friend The Patch and mr willpower I made it!!

Unfortunately for you Month One forum I am fickle and before we cement our relationship I will be moving on. I've had my eye on Mr Month Two forum so you never know what will happen .... I might have to end our relationship.

I'll give you a month and I'll decide after that....

PS. Please don't tell my husband. He is the jealous type.....;)

ha ha ha ah........I made it.............I'm here........:D Go Team Feb!

I have not lost the plot....I swear......!,

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  • Hey Finito

    Really well done - and I loves your post giggle giggle giggle.

    A few more days to go yet for me, but I've got my sights on him too, he looks kinda cute from here!

  • Congrats on the month. Give yourself a pat on the back. It looks like a long way off when you are at day 1 but you made it.

  • Hands off divingdale. He is mine.....

    Well I might share cos us Feb quitters gotta stick together....!

    Took my patch of early this evening. Trying to start to reduce the reliance on it.....

  • You'll be steaming right through them all before you know it - hussy :rolleyes:

    :D Well done, celebrate, it really isn't an easy achievement.

  • Well done Finito, right there with you :D

  • Congtatulations! Fantastic achievement! Keep on at it :)



  • Congratulations :D

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