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Month 2 - smoke break!

First day of my second month without smoking so thought I'd reward myself with a 'smoke break'!!

Hadn't left my work desk once in the last 4 weeks and as it's such a nice morning I decided it was time to take my coffee outside with my mate from the next office (my ex smoking buddy).

Why should I miss out on those 'fresh air' breaks?

Anyway - 5 mins outside in the fresh air (upwind), coffee, chat, he smoked, I didn't, no stress!!

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I did this yesterday and it was great! Made me laugh that the smokers kept turing their backs on me to have a drag though.

It's nice to get out there and breathe deeply - just cos we can! :)

Well done Chris - I bet that's made you feel great!

Lottie x


Congratulations! I actually quite enjoy joining my ol' smoking buddies outside when they go for their break.


Good for you!

As for me, I'm not brave enough yet, I can almost hear the demon shouting "give me a quick drag" in my voice!!!

I would probably end up standing down wind too!! :o


made me smile....

yeah, it felt great.

Bless the guy, he's been very quiet sneaking out for a smoke since I quit and didn't want to light up infront of me - lol.

Thought about a crafty downwind passive drag BeccyBoo - but only a thought :D


Haaaaaaa!!! yes i remember doing this last year not long after i'd quit, it does you good to be able to stand with the smokers you used to smoke with and not cave in. just be prepared to say NO should any of them be stupid and selfish enough to offer you one.


hey well done you. I've got to live with a smoker so the smell doesn't want me to have one but more repulses me now! But hey as long as I'm not smoking that's all that matters!


Well done Chris

But the smell??? I can't stand it at the moment - makes me feel sick :(

Did you hold your breath? :eek:


well done Chris getting to month 2


the smell....

Steph - i stayed upwind and didn't get the slightest sniff. However, walking back inside and catching a whiff of 'fresh' tabbers breath - :eek:


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