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stop smoking atempt 2

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im 18 and quit in jan 08 for 3months, and the first time on the scales i started again i put on weight, now my breathin has gone bad and each week i get paid im skint, im quittin on sunday 4 my health and plus 2 save £££ :)

i used patches and i felt great didnt have craveings, i felt reli proud as my bf smokes 2 and my parents and when i had a wiff of their smoke i new i didnt wna go back but unfortunally i did:mad:

since i started again i noticed my skin esp my face was oil`y and my hair was gettin greasy fast again.. i only have 2 walk up 5 stairs and im gaspin 4 breath.. lol.. when i last quit i replased fags with food which was a big mistake, now i have 2 days till my quit day and im prepared with what 2 eat, im goin 2 get a stress ball so if i want a fag ill squish it and say " no deb no" lol, i feli soo bad when i had that fag after 3 months of goin smoke free, my throte hurt so much for a few days everytime i took a pull.. but this time im determined 2 quit for good (or more then 3 months:D)

any help will be gladly


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yh tlel me bout it lol, since i started i lot and seein my body goin from good 2 bad was a downer.. i hate bein around silent so i normally try 2 spice it up a bit lol, im v random :)

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austinlegro11 Years Smoke Free

Lets put it this way, it's rarely boring.

You did mean to say "really boring" didn't you..??

I just know you did... :mad:

Welcome to the forum Stinky :D

lol no i think she ment it isnt that borein their is more life and happyness then boreinness lol

yh tlel me bout it lol, since i started i lot and seein my body goin from good 2 bad was a downer.. i hate bein around silent so i normally try 2 spice it up a bit lol, im v random :)

Pardon :confused:

hey sorry bout that my laptop goes a bit crazy when i type, im givin up smoking on monday so i hope i last longer then 3months.

hey stinky

thanks for the translation did u give up again yesterday???? hope so


hi everybody!! had my last fag on sunday the 15th of june at 11.30 pm and i feel good!

i keep thinkin ill have one but then it will lead to another one then before ya kno it ill be on 15 a day again!!

my friend asked me 2 spark her up a fag cause the wind kept blowin her lighter out and i did BUT i didnt inhale the smoke i blew it out.. must prove something.

i feel good my breathin has improved and this time round im not replaceing food with fags ive takeing my food under controll!

cant wait till my pay day in 2 days 2 c how much money id have 2 myself with out buyin fags..

im using the patches i used them last time for bout 2 weeks and i felt fab doin it on my own then started again.. i do miss it but then i think no i wont start and think of what i can do with the money ill save from not smoking.. i wont post on here everyday but i will keep u posted

thanks for all your support


well done u - keep it up xx


i slipped up:mad:

i dont think i was ready to quit.. since my last fag havin a fag has been on my mind and i rolled one and smoked it.. i dont think the patches was the highest doasage then before :( im dissopointed but i think ill quit when nim ready again

sorry everybody:(


Don't be too hard on yourself, it's a matter of picking yourself up, brushing yourself down and getting back on that bloody horse! Set the new quit date and go for it.



hey everybody

i stopped smoking again on the 22nd of this month, and its been 4days now and i feel great, i feel better with my cravings this time round.. still on the patches..

i was amazed last weekend that i was able 2 go shopin.. treated myself 2 a pair of shoes and jeans cant wait for this weekend lol

hope evrry body is doin as good as i am

take care

Debz x

I loved all the extra money too. I haven't saved it in a jar but I get more treats now than before. Funny how you can always find £150 a month for cigs lol (that's what I spent - ugh)

Good for you Stinky :)

Hi stinky, you should be very proud, your doing so good.

its very nice knowing we have a bit more spending money,

keep up the great work.:)


im doin great 2day my cravings are goin down more and more each day :)

im on day 5 now of my non smoking



9 days now since my last fag and my patch is now 14mg if thts right, instead of 21mg


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