No Smoking Day
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Made it to Day 7

Hi all

Wow actually made it to day seven including going out and drinking last night (fortunately no smokers with me in the people I was out with, haven't braved that one yet) feeling quite proud!

Congrats to all of you, its so hard we are all brave!!

Feeling a bit bad though as have avoided one of my friends who smokes 10-20 a day and I used to regularly smoke with, not sure if I'm ready for that yet!!

Only have a couple of real cravings a day now, of course the thoughts are there, still using the nicquitin minis, but only about 2-3 1.5mg a day when I really get a bad craving, I know CT would probably be best but the NRT seems to stop me having the strops and didn't want to put my boyfriend through that, especially on our 10 year anniversary weekend!!

Hugs to all of you and thanks for all the lovely messages! xx

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Hi mintsmum :)

Well done you getting to day 7 is great

If the mini tabs are helping stick with them for now you'll know when it's time to go solo



Good for you MM, Don't know about you but I think the first week done was great for me, showed that I could stop if I tried. Now you've got that over with time will fly by. Well done. David


Well done..

A whole week feels great doesn't it? Stick with whatever's working for you, and avoid who you need to right now - they'll understand - lol


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