No Smoking Day
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Nearly Month 10 for me!

Or 9 months, 23 days, 20 hrs, 49 minutes.

Or actually during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

Well guys just a quick touch of base, I'm still going strong and not one ciggie has passed my lips lit since last July. Oh there's been tough moments (New Years Eve, last week when I heard Ex Husband is remarrying- the tool) but nope.

I don't really crave anymore, the longing is like a memory and occasionally I'll think Oh that would be nice. But nope.

Hope the others from July 2014 are still going strong.

Much respect


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Oh dear re the x, that is a curve ball that's hard to take, but your well and truly doing fantastic, the twinkle if the penthouse is close.

A huge well done from me.

Thanks for the update.

Blooming marvellous


Ex husband is marrying the tool...which one spade, fork,hoe,shears. Well done on your fantastic quit be proud of yourself ( hope you have a sense of humour) :)


That's so funny.


Well done - closing in on that year mark, you should be very proud of yourself!!


Gosh, we have tool like ex husbands in common! Congratulations on your quit, lovely news :) x


Great going on your quit. You definitely recognise you're better off without it. The smoking that is.


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