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I'm back, it's been awhile

I am back again. I have been gone for a while and still smoking. Been having a few health issues so I have put the patch on this morning and want to give this 110% this time! I truly need support and guidance and I know this is a good place to come too.

I am making a small goal so I don't let myself down. I want to start exercising too which I know will make me feel better.




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Hi Mic,

Well done on your decision to quit. With you patch & 110% determination I am sure you will be fine.

You will find lots of support here. We have either gone through it or going through it so know where you are coming from ;)

Keep that determination & keep on going :D

Gaynor x


Hi, good to see you back. Baby steps is a good way to go, be kind to yourself and keep positive!


Welcome back!!!! I found that setting small goals worked for me and when reaching them giving myself something cool as a kinda reward. Like some good chocolate something I've been wanting but putting off. whatever works for you day by day , then weeks them months and so on. Gonna be tough but at certain points it does get better. Just be positive and stubborn. You can beat this.


Welcome back.

Hope you will find it easier and your health issues will soon go


Welcome back and good luck with your quit, here's hoping this is your final 1 :D


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