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It's been awhile..but I am finally on day 4 again

Well Hello to all my supporters! I have been on here before...about a month

ago. I slipped and have been working towards this ever since. I didn't go back

to smoking full gear but it was enough to know that I needed to get my head

on straight again before I gave it another serious try. This time I am not going

cold turkey. That was hell and once was enough for me. To think about going

that route again is enough to scare me back into smoking. So I am taking my

lozengers. On the bottle it says take one every 1-2 hours but I am only

taking 4-5 a day total. At 5pm today I have gone 96 hours since my last

cigarette. I still feel strong and in control. Something I was lacking my

first go around. I have inspired other to quit smoking which in turn inspires

me to do this. My good friend has been a smoker for 20 years/ 2 packs a day

and she has been a non smoker for 32 days now. So if she can do it, I can.

I will keep you updated and I apologize for my relapse but I am back on


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Most people on here have relapsed at some point, I know I have. For what ever reason we find our way here where there is support and lots of people going through exactly what we are.

I'm using lozenges as well, I'm finding that 4-6 is enough to see me through the day, I'm currently on day 22 and feeling great.

Good luck to you



Hi WSmith :D

Well done restarting your quit and getting to day 4 is great

It doesn't matter how you quit it only matters that you do




Well done for trying again, I really hope you manage to quit this time. I'm sure you will :)


Yes, I remember you!

Good to have you back, it really does not matter how you quit, only that you do.

So you are heading towards a week done, that's fantastic, don't forget to read the links and keep us informed as to how it is going.


I made it...100 hours! is 9:00 PM here...I have made it 100 hours now with NO CIGARETTE!! I have never made it this far before!!

Woot Woot!! I actually feel like screaming and dancing right now as I type this! If you could seriously see me right now

you would see a girl sitting at her computer desk shaking her butt in the chair while her arms are flying up above her! I

feel great, still get some cravings but I know its the mental part of it and I am beating it this time! I can't wait for

tomorrow! One day at a time!


Hi Wsmith :D

Great you're passed the100 hour mark well done Big Hug

I can understand how excited you are right now and you have every right to be I hope you're also proud of yourself

As you say one day at a time and you'll be suprised how quickly they add up to weeks and then months

For the mental part click the bottom link in my signature, scroll down a fair way and there's a bit about it that helped me with this part of quitting




Welcome back, glad you are feeling better. Remember to read lots about the addiction and you will soon be counting in weeks.



You sound so happy, made me smile just reading your post, keep up the good work. We are all behind you, and know you can do it this time.


Greetings fellow USA. It is early on Friday morning and you should be looking at day 5 now. Way to go. I would very much like to say that it is all down hill from here but I can't. You do, however, have what is probably the hardest part over with. More importantly you have the tools to deal with what will come your way. This weekend might present a different set of challanges. I took the easy way out and stayed in the first weekend.

Go and reward yourself you have earned it. Cheesecake?


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