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No Smoking Day
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Ive been to Hell and Back !!!!!!!

Hi everyone

Sorry I have not been on for a few days but ive been to hell and back (or it certainly feels like it) But on the bright side i didnt smoke whilst there, ha ha

What a few days i have had (and its all down to not smoking) I have been so low and strugging to think this is how my life will now be forever ............. Boring. I have not wanted to be sociable or talk to anyone as i needed to make my own decisions on what i wanted to do . I am just so glad that i have come out the other end feeling a bit better and still convinced that i want to stay stopped with the faith that in a few months my life will feel normal again even with out the cigs. I think this time it does feel different because i know it is for ever and that is brilliant but has also scared the shit out of me.

You lot (especially Lorna and christine) have all helped to keep me motivated whilst going through this turmoil. I have not wanted to let you down and im pleased to say i havnt.

Hows everyone else doing ? i do hope you two are still with me as well as everyone else !!!!

I am going to spend tonight on here catching up with everyone progress and its nice to be back and on track. On friday, can you believe it will be two weeks.

Big hugs to you all


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Great job on sticking with it. Sorry to hear your running into some speed bumps. I've been having some problems as well and have been lucky enough to weather through them without breaking down and having a cig. I think the biggest learning curve we all have is being able to make it through the hard times without having one, those are the times I have the worse experiences at anyway. We just have to learn how to deal with life's problems without lighting up. Again great job on staying off those things.


Sweetheart I'm so sorry but I think this is a 2nd week thing. Last week was so much better for me than this. I've not 'kicked off' with people I have just avoided their company and that's not me in fairness.

However chin up my love, I'm here holding your hand and crying on your shoulder. We both know we have to do this and not smoking will not kill us, smoking will!!

Love & Hugs:)


Thanks hun.

I have missed talking to you all. I really have had a bad few days and I think it was when i weighed myself and realised that someone had been feeding me bricks that tipped me over the edge. ha ha

how are you managing? I do know we will get there!!! I think that knowing how hard it is has made me even more determined to WIN. I just feel like i have lost my confidence and personallity (i do know its only temporary) in the process.



If you catch up on the posts there are actually so many of us having a hard time this week so at least we are not on our own. However I'm a very stubborn person and I am damn sure I am not going to smoke after suffering like this!!

I would love to know a time scale for this though (I know that's not possible) but I could cope better if someone said you will be fine in 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway day 10 for me tomorrow (are you day 11??) and we have done well to get to here.

Weight is an issue and that will be the make or break issue with me, hence the reason I'm trying had to stick to some sort of diet plan in the early stages.

You are my quit buddy and we will have a party when we reach that 1 year together!!



Hi Flipper

Hope today is a bit easier for you...it does seem like the 2nd week isn't such an easy ride for alot of us.

The thing that keeps me going is remembering that if I don't light up a fag I'll never have to go through it again!

Good luck for today

JJ xxx


Hi Flipper,

Good to have you back and well done for not lighting up. We all know it's not easy - if it was there wouldn't be a smoker anywhere. But hang on in, it does get better. I found it wasier to cope with after I'd reached the two week mark. It kinda became the norm 'not' to smoke rather than to smoke.

Good luck




Congrats .2 weeks for me too tomorrow. Ive found everyone here an inspiration.I used to play alot of football and i sort of think of the people here as a team all wanting to achieve the same goal and if i did lapse i would be letting the whole team down its wierd i know but i guess any motivation will do lol

hang in there



Well done flipper you are doing really well. We all go through it but the main thing is that you didnt give in. This will get easier as time goes on and the bad days will get less and less but you will still get them but its cos your just having a bad day :)

The weight issue - right well you cant do everything at once, you have to tackle the smoking issue first, besides a bit of weight in the winter will keep you warm and a bit of weight aint going to kill you unlike the fags! I put on half a stone in 2 weeks after giving up! But then I swopped all the high sugar content for low sugar content foods, grapes instead of snicker bars, vimto instead of 2 litre bottle of coke, I even had some salad with my pizza, chips and onion rings. Long and short of it is, I just cut down on the crap I was eating and I lost 4lb one week and 2.5 the next. Now I am still not the perfect size 10 that I long for and crave but I am a non smoker!

Keep smiling you will be fine, and dont forget we are all here to help you through.



:cool:Thanks everyone, where would i be with out you all????? ( apart from back smoking 20 a day)

JX you have cheered me up no end as that is exactly what i have put on, i freaking nearly died when i read the weight. I have been to the docs this morning and whilst i was there i had a word about starting on orlistat which is a diet pill that stops your body absorbing too much fat. She has agreed i can start it in one month. So thats a bit reassuring.

Jack I read your post about last nite at the pub and totally well done mate. I think when someone is like that with you it does make you even more determined not to give in and we just think F*ck you im not gona fail. Just think of the money your saving on the fags and now on his christmas card. lol

Sue your definately right that it is starting to become the norm not to smoke, i know its only 10.30 but i had not even thought about having a cig this morning. For me to be normal would be great but i would be the first time in 36 years that i have ever been normal. ha ha

JJ Cheers, what day is it for you? hope your doing ok?

I must go to have my breakie and my champix, i might even be good and just have some fruit.

Catch you all later.

Jane :)


You're Back

Hi Jane, it is great to have you back, I was really missing you.:D

There must have been something in the air this week as we have all been wobbling, but I am so glad you stayed strong. I'm piling it on as well just now and it really saps your confidence, but I just keep thinking that I can always lose the weight next year. Meanwhile it is an excuse to but some new winter clothes.

Week 3 for us tomorrow, that is a huge achievement.

That 12 month party is a definate girl. :cool:

Lots of love and hugs....Lorna xx

PS....wont be on much in the next few days, I have visitors but promise I will be back on Sunday...



Its lovely to be back with you again. Have a great few days and stay strong. The weight thing is awful but i suppose it will be only temporary and we could always join a fat forum together. lol

see you soon hun.



flipper - if you do join a fat club please remember this:

My mate who is 9st and I (i am bit heavier by about a stone) joined SW or as we call it Fat Club, one night we are sat there while the runner of SW is talking to us when my mates phone rang - she answered it to hubby and said quite loudly (well only one other person was talking so even a wisper would have been loud)

" I cant talk now love I am at Fat Club"

Needless to say it went down as well as a cream chocolate cake would have done.




lol. I can just imagine the glares. it could even be a scetch on little brittan. ha ha


as soon as she realised what she said, she hung up the phone and politely left the building - the fruit everyone had brought getting thrown at her on the way out.

The thing is she doesnt learn - the next week after she had lost another 2lb she said she felt really good that she could get back into her size 8s again - ha most of the women werent a size 8 when they were born, their leg is probably bigger than that!

She does tend to keep her head down now


She is obviously as naturally talented as i am at being totally tactless. Some people have to work at it but not me, oh no, it just flows out of my mouth. ha ha


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