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Been awhile but I'm back

It's been awhile since I have posted and of course I have failed, but I'm on day 2 with the patches and I am determined to beat this habit! I'm so scared of course that damage is done and will come to hurt me. I'm 42 and want to get back in shape and stop going back and forth with the quits. I hate my daughter smokes and it's hard to say hmmm you shouldn't be doing that I do it too! So, I am determine to keep these patches on, limit my drinking and chew on straws. My boyfriend quit dipping 2 years ago cold turkey and I totally have respect for anyone that can quit cold turkey, whew I kow I can't way to weak! But I am here AGAIN and I truly want this quit so bad and I think that is a difference is I WANT IT BAD, like no othe rbefore. I'm so scared of getting the C word anything else. I HAVE TO OVER COME THIS DEMON THIS TIME! I have the power and I can't let it control my life anymore!


Quit 4-29-10:D

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Hi Mic ,

I know how you feel .......its scarey when we think back to how long we have smoked and how smoking damages our bodies .

Take comfort in the fact that by stopping smoking you will in time reverse a lot of the damage caused and your body does start repairing itself straight away. None of us can turn back the clock before we started smoking but at least we can make ammends by no longer poisoning ourselves and getting our health back.:)

Stick with it Mic sound very determined to stay quit which in itself is half of the battle......some gentle exercise ( walking is good ) fresh air and drinking lots of water will all be a massive help to you , :cool:

Best wishes


20 a day for 30 years

Quit 28th April 09

3 months Patches

9 months C.T


Hi Michelle, first of all you have not failed - the only failure is the failure to try.

Day 2 fantastic, read the posts, read the links, post often, all these things will really help you stay strong. I am the same age (although my eldest is only 10 and not smoking :rolleyes:) I think we do have plently of time to kick the habit and get healthy, I have been quit nearly 8 months now and I have so much more energy.

One day at a time and you will get there, stay strong.


Hi Mic,

Good for you for trying again. As Bev says, you only fail when you stop trying to quit hence my user name!!!!!

I have tried & failed SO many times but I KNOW that this one is the final one. It is just different, maybe because I truly, truly know deep within my heart I WILL NOT SMOKE AGAIN. I wish you loads of luck. Keep reading & posting on here. Helping others helps take your mind off your own feelings (I find anyway).

Gaynor x


The most important thing is that YOU want to kick the habbit, and kick it right in the teeth!! I think many of us have tried to quit and have been going back and forth for a while, I did this a few times and now I find myself on day 22 and it feels so easy now. Although from time to time I do get the odd craving.

My advice to you:-

Stay busy, keep yourself entertained, take up a hobby, go for walks, keep a bottle of water on you throughout the day and stay well hydrated, indulge yourself in other activities when you feel a craving coming along. Just say no.

Best of luck.



Hi Michelle there is'nt alot we can say because you have just said it all in that one sentence I DONT WANT TO GET CANCER ok so thats not what you said but thats what you meant and admitting that is a big step to getting your quit on track and the only way to give your self a chance of not getting it is too quit now.

Maybe if we were all honest then we would admit that the thought of getting cancer is a great detterent to smoking, it is for me as I have lost my Mum to lung cancer and numerouse friends.

40 is a good age to stop and give your body a chance to repair itself and the younger we are when we stop the greater the chance of getting your health back.

Sorry if my post is harsh but I was your age more or less when I tried the first time 11 months I managed and then started again ( stupid of me yes I know) but if I could turn the clocks back I would never have started again and maybe then my kids wouldnt have started ( all but one of them has stopped now thank God) that was 17 years ago so you see its taken me this long to make the change and I hope its not to late and so you stop now so you know its not too late for you, use the site its great for support and not every one is as harsh as me xx

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