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I'm back :)

Hi everyone, I've smoked for 3-4 weeks after an eight and a half month quit, and I have decided to quit again. I've had about 4 cigs today then I put a patch on a couple of hours ago. I want to get used to not having a cig when the weather's nice, so next year I don't give into smoking because of the warm weather. I'm using patches to quit, and I'm looking forward to having a few more quid in my pocket buying 20 cigs a day costs a bloody fortune.


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Ive done exactly the same as you. Smoked 4 this morning and stuck a patch on.

The nice weather is a nightmare for me as I like nothing better than sitting in the garden with a nice chilled glass of chardonnay and a fag! Sounds gross when you put it like that.

I'm just trying to break the chain at the moment. Good luck ! :D


I'm on day 17 of my quit and I must admit this weather has really tested my determination not to smoke, bring on the rain lol.


I know jazzhenry I like sitting in the garden too especially when the suns out. Yeah bring on the rain lol, I never want to smoke in the rain. Tomorrow mornings gonna be hard for me, because I always have a cig first thing. Although when I get through the first morning I should be fine :)


Well done Daniel, you could have easily avoided a task that you know will be difficult for you but you're facing it head-on so that you don't have the same problem next spring/summer.

You def deserve a pat on the back for that, good luck and all the best


Ah cheers slb put me in a good mood that.


Loads of us have experienced this with the onset of the sunny weather. It drove me loopy for a week or two. But it's just another trigger, at the end of the day. Get through a few sunny days, and it gets easier.

Good for you, quitting again. Stay strong!

Hel x


Oddly, I thought that this trigger must be a myth, but today I walked out of the air-conditioned building out into the blistering sun and thought "I can do with a smoke now".

Of course it was a fleeting thought and I was soon going about my business but for that moment WOW.

Maybe there is something in the air after all!!:D


i was so close with the weather yesterday as I sat outside a pub in Matlock, then I gave myself a bollockin & thankfully it passed - im on day 14 now so really anyone can do it if I can

good luck

best wishes



Well done Daniel - you can do it!

Can't say as the warm weather is a particular trigger for me - somehow I always felt I was "polluting the sunshine", and tended to smoke less when in the sun! :confused:

Mind you there are plenty of other triggers to keep me going!! :D


I too believe the lovely weather is a tester. but then for me EVERYTHING is!!! Too nice a day so I want a fag.

Too wet so I might as well smoke.

I'm on holiday so I need to smoke. etc, etc, etc..........

I have always been of the mindset, and I've posted it in here before , that nothing seems the same without a cigarette. A holiday is not a holiday without a fag. A night out is not any good without smoking. A drink in a beer garden is not the same without smoking. etc, etc, etc..................

I still feel like that actually! But I've done all of the 'things' that you do without a fag for the last 6 weeks and still had a good time!

I just need to get into the frame of mind that smoking does NOT make you enjoy yourself more!! It's a tricky one when for the last 30 years you always smoked and so every occasion was good but seemed better cos you were smoking!!

Life is actually good without smoke!!!


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