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Day 27


hello all...

Not been on here for a while...I am still not smoking...but have had a real bad time of be honest..the craving was terrible..and lasting for hours at a time...

I have not given into it...and still on my lozengers...and mulling through it... and no 2 days are the family have been great and very supportive...and hubby is even going to give it a go...which will be another

hope all u feb quitters out there are still going strong...

I will not be a slave to the crave

smoked for 36yrs

20 to 30 a day, and sometimes more

last smoked 16. 2. 10

lozengers and will power../CENTER]

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Hi Lindylou, I am glad to see you back.

I too have found it a big struggle, a couple of times (weekends) the craving has been constant and made me quite depressed, but fortunately I have had fantastic support.

Well done for sticking it out. It surely must get easier.

Welll done on 27 days lindy but sorry it'sbeen a rough ride for you

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