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No Smoking Day
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Day 5

I feel it's getting a bit easy now, easier than day 4.

Not using lozenges apart from the morning one for that intial kick. The patches are keeping me going throughout the day with no "kicks" needed from the lozenges. I'm not at all craving, nor thinking about smoking. Absolutely no sweats or shakes....

Even been patchless for the last 4 hours and I keep getting the cravings but to be fair, they are relatively lame so far. Its just a "I need a cig" thought then I say "no" and thats it. Seems more of a bad idea thats easily disguarded than a craving as such.

I think, although against advice given in my day 4 thread, I'm going to cut tomorrow's patch in half and see how I go, lozenges as back-up if need be.

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Glad it's getting easier for you. You can only do what feels right for you, and if that's cutting your patch in half- then go for it, as you say you have lozenges- you can even stick the spare half on half way through the day if turns out not to be such a good idea- good luck with it, Pols xxx


Day 6 and I've survived easily on half a 21mg patch thus far. :D

Cold turkey last night got a bit horrible though. :(


well done Adrian, glad thats working out for you. Sadlt I still need my patch and the inhalator, but I think that's because I've had a vv stressful weekend:(

You're doing great keep up the good work!!


Well done Adrian :)

Glad to hear day 5 is better than day 4.. keep it going you will succeed



To be honest it's becoming a walk in the park so far but like I said I CT'd for 6hrs last night and my word was I bad!

I'm due to see my Quit Smoking Advisor tomorrow so gonna ask for Step 3 patches. I have 8 x Step 1's left so I'm gonna cut them in half and thats my Step 2 as they are about 2.5mg less than the actual Step 2 patches.

However I think I may be weened off the lozenges by her but I'm only using about 2 per day, and as I say, one is for the early morning nicotine kick. I imagine however that is one thing I will have to focus on, learning to resist that AM kick. :)

Went to the pub tonight though, me and 3 smokers. By God it was difficult. I started to feel quitting was a bad idea, feeling left out, regretting my quit. But I stayed strong, I remembered my reasons behind my quit, and I'm home still on my as of yet unblipped quit, and the willpower has fully re-instated.


great stuff. Now that was a test for you. keep on going. :cool:


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