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Day 5


Ok so made it through the bottles of wine and food at friends house, they smoke outside so was ok being around smokers although half way through 2nd bottle of wine i could have murdered one!

Have been ok today till this evening... am craving really bad right now but left my patch off all day so i'm not suprised.

Am going to have an early night and wake up to day 6 tomorrow :D

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food, booze and smokers all in one hit, not sure I'd've coped with that as early as day 5, good on ya. You know you can do it, next time will be easier Pols xxx

WELL DONE MIXXY! thats great! If i thought i could have had willpower to have 2 bottles of wine believe me i would have hehehe. Hope you enjoyed you weekend :) xx

Hi mixxy

well done you...early days & your dealing with quite a lot xx & you did it:D 6 very soon xxxxalmost a week:)

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