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Day 22 Champix

Well I am into week four and I should be thrilled and proud but I feel really flat today.

Everyday is still a struggle and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier, if it is it is by miniscule amounts. The inside of my cheek is sore from chewing so much gum.

I have put £5 each day into a jar as a motivator and it's great to see it adding up, but I just wish it wasn't such constant hard work. I'm sure it shouldn't be this hard.

I'm not suggesting that I am going to go out and buy ciggies, just that it's almost as it the novelty has worn off and now it's just hard work.

Is this a normal feeling or am I flagging?

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Hey buddy...

Hi cando,

Well done on week 4 and we all know/understand how difficult it is. I'm still angry after my issues yesterday - thanks again for your support. I'm trying to be positive today - lol

So £5 a day for 22 days - a tidy little sum. Maybe it's time for a small treat to perk you up?

I'm sure it's perfectly normal and obviously the novelty is going to wear off as this now becomes our normal life!!! And isn't it a better one?

Speak soon...



The question of "when will I feel normal" comes up quite a bit around here, as you know every quit is different and it depends on lots of other factors.

Smoking was a big part of life and now it is not, it will take time. I am sorry to hear you are having a down day, but this will pass and it will get better. Remember your reasons, do some reading of Month 1 to know what to expect.

I think Chris has a good point, are you saving the money for something big or could you go out and treat yourself now?



Thanks Chris and Bev,

I'm sure it's partly because I didn't sleep well last night. Nearly had a panic just now because I had no chewing gum - lol

I have just sorted a weekend away for myself and my sister and best friend, so I have that to look forward to. Hopefully it will be sunny this weekend and I can work on preparing my veg patch, gardening always cheers me up.

Thanks again.





Well done you! You are doing great. :D

That's such a good idea putting the money into a jar. Have you anything in mind?

What you are describing is perfectly normal. I too felt a little down at this stage. I think people in your life stop praising you as much ... I suppose they regard you as a non smoker now! :cool:

I kept reminding myself of why I quit, the perks I am experiencing and that I look forward to experiencing in the future, and focused on the first week and how horrendous it was! I'd never want those withdrawl symptoms again and I'd never want to be driven by a drug again.

I really found writing all of those reasons down (either on here or anywhere) helped massively. I wrote them all down on a word document so everytime I thought of another I'd add to it. When I had lots of reasons I posted them here (on month 1 forum).

Good luck and keep telling yourself that you are doing great ... because you are!

Sorry for the essay!

Jen x



I found this posted by Jenny29 - I hope she doesn't mind me nicking it :o

A list of positives about having stopped smoking.

• I love the fact I have more energy

• I love my new sense of smell

• I love not smelling of fags – I can smell my perfume!

• I love my new white teeth (get them cleaned – they stay white!)

• I love running – who’d have thought that I’d ever enjoy that!?

• I didn’t realize that I was not breathing well – now I breathe easy!

• I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about when and where I can have my next smoke – I’m free!

• I can go out for meal without fidgeting about when I can have my ‘after dinner smoke’.

• I hated having strands of backy in everything eg handbag, pockets etc

• I hated nicotine stains on hands

• I hated worrying about running out of Backy and having to plan buying it into my day

• I used to worry when I left the house that the last fag was not put out properly

• I love having empty pockets

• I hated worrying that when I speak my breath smells, so covering my mouth

• I love the fact that I am a NON SMOKER!


I have printed it off and will laminate one for work and one for home and put it next to a photograph of my daughter.


That's a great list, thanks! I had forgotten about the stained fingers from tobacco. :)

I think the novelty of it does wear off after a while, and there is a period of time when it is hard, before it becomes normal. That's what I hope, at least. Keep at it, great to see you around, happy three weeks to me.!


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