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No Smoking Day
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struggling,, but no with smoking

hi there

just thought id say hi again,and give you all a quick update,been out for dinner today and had some beer too,never even thought about smoking,my cravings seem to have passed now,but im struggling with my sleep i normally could fall asleep anywhere and sleep solid for 8 hours no problem,but now am waking up 3 or 4 times a night,im so tired during the day.is this due to the champix tablets,or could it be something else.


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HI Shaun

Many of us have had disturbed sleep at the start of the quit....both with and without Champix...

My failed quit CT in 07 was awful, I was waking every hour, this time on Champix I slept much better but had vivid dreams.

BUT, it gets better and I now sleep better than ever...

Well done on your quit so far, you are doing amazingly well.

stay strong x


Hi Shaun,

I'm on day 13 of my quit using Champix.

The first few days I was having problems sleeping, due to the dreams I was having... You know that feeling when you wake up from a brilliant dream, and try to go back to sleep so you can carry on where you left off, but you never do? Well I did, but with nightmares! In the end I just gave in an woke up lol.

I don't seem to be having such vivid dreams now, and have gone back to sleeping like a log... Although I do tend to wake up every day at 6:42am LOL.

Just keep with it, and it will get easier. I'm finding it a lot better now than when I did when first taking Champix, even the sickness has worn off.

Just think of all the benefits you are gaining, and well done on your quit!! Keep it up :-)



Hi Shaun sorry to hear you are struggling sleep wise, but just to say you are not on your own I am 9 weeks into quit and sleep maybe 4/5 hours a night and would love to sleep during the day as feel sooo knackered but even if I could dont think I would as I would probably then only sleep 2/3 hours a night LOL. I have the warm bath and milky drink but still cant stay asleep.

would be good if I knew how long that part lasts as I dont know about you but starting to feel unhappy about it as I always slept so well before.

We will both have to keep reading and see if there are any cures for it but not drink or drugs LOL let me know how you get on xx


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