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my reasons

I thought id commit my reasons for giving up smoking to the record so I can refer back to it when if I waiver.

1. The most important reason. No parent should ever have to bury a child. And having recently lost my sister to another addiction. And seen the pain and terror on my parents faces there is no way I will let them go through that again if I can help it.

2. My own health, as above, but I don't want me to die either.

3. I've fallen in love.... don't tell Mrs azman, but there is another lady in my life, and I'm going to need every penny to afford her. She's lovely, but she won't be mine without some serious hard work, and some clever money management. Those intrigued can Google "paragon 31"

4 Mrs azman, the no 2 woman in my life.. no 1 lady is closely related to reason 3

So good luck azman... only 100 years of not smoking to go.....

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Keep saving....

I'm having a similar love affair with a merry fisher 925 - a quick calculation comes in at around 50 years of a 20 a day habit..... maybe a special 90th birthday present to myself!!!

Keep up the good work....


Good Luck Azman....everyone should follow their heart?

Beautiful post....xx


Wow that is stupendous, after reading your post part of me wishes I had smoked loads more each week so that I could have that extra money to save and be able to buy a Honda Super Hawk 996, but no me I had to do the rollups and buy from abroad costing me about £6/7 a week, Oh well you enjoy your boat and I will keep saving for for my new rowing machine LOL


I've just been joking with Mrs Azman that if I went back, and smoked 60 a day, then gave up, I might be able to save fast enough to buy the bloody thing before I die anyway.

I figure it and I, will meet each other somewhere in the 2nd hand market in 10 years.


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