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Day 50 something


Is having a good quit still but a mega crap week. Still in and out of docs for blood tests, reflex tests and god knows what. Doing my bloody head in now. On top of that Mrs N. has bought the cats a new scratch post. I say scratch wouldn't look out of place if it had power cables hanging from it. One cat loves it the other is scared ....less. I'm steaming over the bloody thing sat here in the front room.

1 - 2 - 3 - open bottle of wine - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - pour proper big glass - 8 - 9 - pretend you're listening what's being said whilst you bite your tongue.


Rant over...hope all you other human peoples are doing well. I'm semi happy as it's Chicken and Mushroom Pie...I love Chicken and Mushroom Pie. Once I've eaten it I'm burning a scratch post for pudding.

It's 6 food 'kin tall!

Sorry I know I said rant over...I may have lied.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -5 - 6 - 7 - sip - 8 - sip - 9 - GULP

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A bit of black (or white, but perhaps not cayenne) pepper on the scratch post should do the job, or a few blobs of fairy liquid!

Chicken and mushroom pie, very nice. Wednesday is curry night for us.

Enjoy the wine and stay away from the straws!!

Lorraine :)

Hope the pie and wine help :) long with counting and breathing.

Hope too the tests come in and your knowing whats what asap.

The 6' scratch post sounds like one I nearly bought when we had two kittens that were up and down my legs all the time.

Just think of the damage saving scratching it's giving your doors, cupboards and legs....... tis a good thing :)

Oh, excellent time on the quit too :cool:

id "accidently" stumble into it drunk one night and appolergise for breaking it :cool:

on the other hand, hope your feeling better, i know how your feeling on the smoking stress side of things!

Cheers all...think I got a little stress free...Pie + Wine = Playing Silent Night on my guitar 10 months too early.

going out for a walk is always a good idea if you feel stressed or angry/adgitated.

i live in the sticks so its just on my back door :)

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