"wow" 50 days tommorrow!!

Hi everyone, i just counted up my days and tommorrow it will be 50 days smoke free!:D

I cant believe how fast that has gone and feel good reaching this milestone.

I started this quit on non smoking day and was using 21mg patches and lozengers, i am now on a 5mg patch which i only have on for 7 hours and never more than 6 lozengers, i am slowly weaning myself off the nrt and i know eventually i will be off it all together but i believe in using whatever method works to help us quit and this has worked for me.

I feel much better health wise but i have put on weight, that will be my next task!:eek:

This has been quite a journey for me emotionally and psycologically, but i have learned so much about myself and still feel like ive got loads more to learn.

i would like to thank everyone on here for their support, without this forum i dont think i would have got through some tough days, and well done to everyone else on their quit whether on day 1 or day 100! x


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  • Hi tracy :D

    WOW 50 days quit is brilliant well done Big Hug on it's way for you


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi Tracy,

    Well done 50 Days is absolutely brilliant:D


  • Fantastic, half century!!

    Well on the way to a smoke free life now!

    Best wishes


  • Great job, Tracy!!! 50 days in an excellent milestone! Nice going!

  • Hi Tracy, and a WELL DONE!!! and here's to the next 50 days.

  • Hi Tracy

    Congratulations on 50 days, that's some cool milestone :cool:

    Everyone who quit on NSD will be reaching that milestone with you, so congratulations to them all too.:D


  • Hi Tracy

    What a lovely post hun. You have done fantastic 50 is great. you have come a long way your doing great.xxxxxxxx

  • wow tracy,50 days,i bet it seems so long long ago,all the pain,-irritable--cranky--insomnia--headache,,etc etc,,and its all worth it,,congrats once again on 50 days..you are keeping the faith and off course still :D:D:D


  • well done tracey, 50 days is a brilliant milestone!! Congratulations x

  • Well done Trace thats a fantastic achievement, what a lovely feeling to say 50 days eh ?

    Keep up the good work and keep going strong . Thank you to everyone on their advise to me about cutting down the nicotine gum. I don't feel i can stop it altogether yet but i am beginning to wean myself down now.

  • Way to go! Keep going.

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