No Smoking Day
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50 days!!

I made it!!!:D

I am so impressed with myself:D, my cousin made me a pressie for my big day today... lol....she has been given up for 7 months so shes very proud of me!!

Sorry I havn't been posting much ...seem to not have enough time in a day at the moment (getting lots of exercise)......Smoking is the last thing I seem to think about these days for all of you just starting out does get better;)......wishing you all the best for your quits and keep up the good work....Take care Kez.xxxxx

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Congratulations to you!!!

All the best to you. You are doing it.


Hi Kez :D

Congratulations on 50 days smoke free that's great and a fantastic milestone to reach well done keep it going


Marg xxxxxxx


Ellie, Congratulations on 50 days! Half a century!! Keep going strong!


Well done!

Congratulations on the quit Ellie!

I haven't been on here for weeks....but i'm still quit. Just looked it up and it'll be 7 weeks next Tuesday at midnight.

Still feels really shakey, though. Maybe stopping for so long last year and then starting again has had that effect. Plus and minus, though...I know for sure to keep on it now.

That thing on whyquit about the body's pH being effected by smoking was a revelation to me this time. Explains why feeling good makes you want to light up and feeling....bad:eek:...makes you want to light up!

Onwards and upwards good people.

It's great to come on here and read all the support that's being given and gotten.

if my netlink wasn't s-o-o-o slow s-o-o often I'd be here myself a bit more!

Stay quit all y'all!



so for all of you just starting out does get better;)

hehe, isn't it lovely to be able to pass that little gem of encouragement on now that you've seen how your quit can get so much better and manageable. I think we probably said this to you in reply to one of your earliest posts most likely , and never a truer word said :)

Glad you are doing well, and congrats on day 50 :)

All the best kez, keep stacking up the days :)


Hi Kez

Many congratulations! It is good to hear that you are just getting on with life, and I second Jase's words about encouraging others! How many times did I read "you can do this" or "it does get better". You only have to trust in it once to find out it is true! :D

Many congratulations!


Nice one Ellie, and I agree with what you said, im also too busy to think about smoking and it gets better and better!!!

2 days til my 50th :-)


Congrats on 50 days, Kez! Enjoy not thinking of smoking and stay strong when/if you do! Well done!


Hey elliekez

Congratulations on the 50 days!!

you seem to be doing really well and im really glad for you. heres to another fifty! :)

well done! :D


Thank you!!

Thank you all for your encouraging words as I said once b4 this forum is the best thing that happened to really strengthened my quit so a very big THANK YOU to all are all fantastic!!!!:D

Now back to the race with Bman, Bradders and Amsie and a big party in Month 3 hopefully:Dxxxxxxxx

PS Bought a new car yesterday.....have to drive it 1500 kms home:confused:.....told OH no smoking in this felt soooooooooo good!!!!


cooooolll - thats a bloody long way!

what did you get?


ah just seen your in auz - not so far really - thats probably just the trip to get the solar panels charged up then right?!:p


it is a long way

cooooolll - thats a bloody long way!

what did you get?

I got a Holden commodore:D properly flash:D ...and yes Bman it is a bloody long way with not much inbetween.....not looking forward to it:(


Well done Kez.

Wishing you many, many more.



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