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No Smoking Day
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Ending of day 6

Hello all...

Well day 6 is coming to an end...and what a funny day it has been...had a couple of bad cravings...but this is odd...

I work in evenings, and did not smoke between 6 and 9...so when I decided to quit...it never bothered me between that time...but tonight for some unknown reason, I have not been able to get the little critters out of me head...and had loads of cravings while I was at work...very odd...

Hope everyone is coping..


49yrs of age...smoked for 36yrs

never want to smoke again...

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Hey there,

It is very odd how the little blighter pops up and really grabs hold of you isn't it!

It does get easier with time and the important thing is that the cravings did not make you smoke. You were stronger than them!

One week today is brilliant lindylou, well done you! You are making a huge life change and for the better!



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