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day 4

Hi all, havent posted since day 5 of champix so here goes....

Currently on day 18 of champix and day 4 smoke free and gotta say so far its been relatively easy.

I havent really had any cravings except in a wierd dream lol. Only side effects I have had on champix is tiredness and a couple of silly dreams but they were fun.

I just hope things stay this easy... Well done to all other quitters and ppl attempting to quit.


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Well done

Good for you getting to day 4, i have also had some strange dreams, but think they occur on cold turkey, champix and patches.

I am on day 11 today, but doing ok, have a few up days and a few down, but i must say more up than down!

Good luck and keep on quitting!!:)


thanks BeccyBoo good luck to you too x


Hi Ian :D

Well done you 4 days is good as for the dreams as Beccy said it's across the board no matter what we use

Glad you're finding it fairly easy


Marg xx


heya well done on day 4 and i hope day 5 is going well!

Keep hold of as many positive thoughts as possible, its what gets me thru the difficult days. Theres plenty to found around here surrounded by the lovely people on here :p


thanks all for encouragement :)


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