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Day 23 and happy to be here

A big thanks to those what helped me yesterday..

Feel bit like the baby who spat her dummy out because i got no replies well

i have been acting like one what with the moods, tantrums and tears (Should carry a mop and bucket with me to mop them up)

Anyway after reading your replies ive decided to stay here day 23 it was a tiny but silly blip, but no going back only forwards now seeing it as a one way street if that makes any sense..

Thanks again your advice and replies do really help..

:) x

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good for you! Day 23 is a good way along well done xx


Hi June :D

23 days well done and I'm so pleased to see you there hun

The moods etc are normal promise

I would have put any self respecting 2 year old to shame with my tantrums and rages it's a wonder the neighbours didn't send for the men in white coats

A one way street makes perfect sense so onwards and upwards now all the way to the penthouse and beyond OK

Love and Hugs

Marg xx


I remember day 23 was an odd time.... the tears and tantrums dont feel like they're ever going to pass, buuuuutttt.... remember that in the early stages of the quit there is also time distortion.... and it feels like you have felt shiter for much longer than you will have done....

read others posts in the history of the pages you are on in your timeline.... PM people if you want to chat.... you can see who's on at the bottom of the 1st page.... i'm sure most wouldn't mind.


every long term 'i've sorted it out, and am now fab and confident' quitter, has been exactly where you are now. keep with us!!!!

You CAN do this!!! xx


Ach June, don't worry about chucking toys out of the pram - we've all done on here, repeatedly. Well, I have anyway. :D

23 days is more than 3 weeks. before you know it you'll be on 4, then 5 etc. Well done!


I just looked and i've seen you posted 2 posts for your 21 days (3 weeks) achievement, and this is a really big thing!!!

I'm just sorry that among my day i didn't spot your post(s) (double post noticed), as i would surely have replied to it if i had. For that i'm definitely sorry, especially as i think your 3 weeks achievement is a big thing!!

you mentioned a blip in your post above tho? I won't pry, but am glad to read you are moving forwards with intent for successs.

If we haven't replied within a few hours of your post, please, please don't every be afraid to bump. I rely heavily on the 'new posts' facility, but even using that sometimes i miss some new posts. So aye, bump your post if you think its been overlooked, i doubt anyone would choose not to reply out of malice, can't think why anybody would tbh.

Congrats on day 23.. but more importantly for getting past 3 weeks.

keep going.



Hi Ned.

Don't worry about moody moments. I get them most of the time according to the other/half!!!!!

No seriously I get moody now and again and I have given up for 12 weeks. I have even cried on a couple of occasions. Like the guys say on here it's normal.

Sometimes I couldn't believe how miserable I was because normally I'm a happy person, and I hated feeling the way I did.

Stick with it. It will pass.

Best wishes. Keep reading the posts and keep putting mesages on here. It's a brill site to be on.

Ju x


Hi Ned, good to see you on day 23, we'll be keeping a nice spot in month 1 then.

Don't worry about the moods, we all get them, try to shake them off as quick as possible, find something to laugh at, dance, sing, whatever, the longer the mood stays, the bigger it grows and get's us all bitter and twisted.

Glad things have picked up, keep on moving forward.

Lorraine :)


Good to see you marching onwards and upwards, Neddy.

Eventually the moodiness will disappear and all you'll be left with is being a non smoker. Good trade-off methinks :cool:

Keep the faith,



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