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day 3 no smoking

hi im new to all this its my first time ive written on here i am lynn and i am on day 3 of no smoking i am on champix and i smoked until day 9 then got up the next day and was sick at the look of the ashtray and i havent had a fag since. i dont even want a fag i cant stand the smell of it at the moment lol what do they say theres nothing worse than a reformed smoker lol i think that will be me . well so far so good and i have worked out if i save my fag money until april 12th i can afford to buy the 42inch tele i have wanted for ages so what an incentive .:

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Hi Lynn and welcome on here. Day three and you're sounding pretty happy and positive about things which is fantastic. Carry on like this and you'll have that 42" TV before you know it.

There are many here who have given up or are given up using champix so you'll get plenty of advice.

Keep going and keep smiling,

Lorraine :)


Hi Lynn, how are you today? I think day three was the hardest, it was for me anyway. So from here on in it should get easier, just keep your guard up, keep your head down and watch out for that sucker punch:D


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