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Stopped smoking due to a panic/hyperventilation attack, on day 3 now

Heyho wonderful people!

So, on monday I had a panic attack, happened to me one time before, but there I had a reason, not this time tho.

Whatsoever, I smoked a fag like 10 minutes before I started feeling weird, and when I started thinking about

why the attack happened, I couldn't keep that fag out of my mind.

It felt like I knew it wouldnt do me any good while I smoked it.

So I threw away all of my fags and I'm on day 3 now.

The last days have been pretty rough tho,

I was feeling dizzy, tired and exhausted, my throat started hurting yesterday and my mind seems to get

trapped into some creepy thoughtchains (why did that happen, is this because i stopped smoking or is it just me and it

has nothing to do with smoking) and so on

I got a appointment with a psychologist on monday to talk about that a bit, but I felt like writing it down anyways.

The first time I'll use such a service by the way.

End of story: I'm now officially 76 hours smoke free, but I havent really had the urge to consume any tobacco

because I feel so weird about it, but it felt weird being with friends who all puff and not put on a faggy.

Sorry for writing down such a unsorted stream of thoughts, my brain feels a bit "clouded" these days.

Love ya'll,

keep it up :)

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Fruit... Welcome to this wonderful forum and people. Do not blame yourself to much for the state you are in at this stage and is quite normal...It is the rats nesting in your brain..that detuned radio feeling.. Totally normal....! You need to visualize the war going on in your brain now... Fight or flight...Mostly all of us went through that and that is why we understand completely what you are going through right now. Stay frequently... and read as much as possible....Knowledge is power !!


It is also normal to have a sore throat/cough/congestion. It is the result of our lungs and related system cleaning itself. The below relates to smoking withdrawal symptoms. Hang in there.

Signs your body is getting better Cough or sore throat - This usually gets worse before it gets better. It is caused by your body clearing the respiratory tract. Breathe in steam or sip water.

Mouth ulcers and dry mouth - This often happens in the first two weeks after giving up smoking. This is a sign that the blood supply to the lining of your mouth is improving.

Dizziness and headaches - These happen because more oxygen is reaching your brain.

If you have dizziness and suffer from a heart complaint, talk to your doctor.

Tingling in hands or feet - This is caused by the increased oxygen supply in the blood to the limbs and is a positive sign that your body is recovering.


Welcome Fruit! I can understand that isn't a nice feeling. But you are turning it into something positive, how wonderful! You can do this!


Hi Fruit. Well done on making the right decision and for making contact with this group. I'm on day 22 and could NEVER ever have done it alone. You'll get lots of advice and support here.

BTW I'm no stranger to panic attacks with 20 years experience there so if you want to chat feel free to pm me.


Mouth ulcers and dry mouth - This often happens in the first two weeks after giving up smoking. This is a sign that the blood supply to the lining of your mouth is improving.

Aaaah, so that's why I've been waking up in the middle of the night with a mouth that feels like the Sahara!


Me too. Me too!!! Such a dry mouth. Continuously. Well as long as it's due to improvements I won't complain. At least it makes us drink loads of water.


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