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Day 3 and learning to not smoke!

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Hi everyone,

I have been a member here for over 2 years so sadly this is not my first post by any means!

I feel that health wise I am running out of time in stopping smoking for good. Each time I lose a quit and start smoking again I am acutely aware that my health is getting worse and worse.

The plus point this time is that my OH is quitting with me this time. Not that it bothered me him smoking when I was quitting, in fact it made it easier to resist! He stopped the same time as me, pinched a pack of my patches to get him going and is doing really well. It's nice to be able to say well done for not smoking to him and he says the same to me. He never used to bother when I quit on my own unless I pointedly said I had quit for however long. Maybe now he appreciates that recognition means a lot.

I read in Paul McKenna’s book that we have to learn to smoke so makes sense we have to learn not to. I remember my first attempt, couldn't even light it as I didn't realise you had to suck at the same time! I was very young so that was a blessing in disguise! When I had figured that out many years later, it tasted foul, make me feel sick but I learnt to like it :mad:

So, now I am learning not to like it. I am learning to see smoking for what it is and not for what it has made me believe.

Gaynor x

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Hi Gaynor. Good luck with this attempt. I can appreciate the need to learn not to smoke again - that makes a lot of sense to me. And hope that your OH gets on well too.

hey gaynor

i am real glad to see u back

good OH is quitting with you, me and my OH did it together i believe it was an emmense help and contributed to us succeeding so far cause if one of us gives in we have not only let ourselves down but each other and that has made it a strong quit

you helped me so so much in my early days i hope i can help u now

Thank you Mrs T. All good so far today but did have an 'oh my god, want a ciggie' moment earlier. Getting up and not being able to smoke is a real downer but have got over it before so will do so this time.

OH had to pop into work this morning and didn't buy any 'naughties' :D He is going to see the smoking cessation person at our local Tesco's this afternoon to get his own patches, he is pinching mine at the moment lol.

Will be really proud if he does it. He doesn't try very often (unlike me) and finds it very hard especially at work. He seems fine so far so perhaps this is just 'his time' ;)

Gaynor x

Hi Boo,

So glad to see you and hubby are still going strong and am pleased if I helped in any way. Early days of a quit are relatively easy for me it's further down the line I struggle so will be grateful for your help :D

Gaynor x

Hi Gaynor,

Well done on trying again. You will get there.

Me and my OH have quit together and it is great having that competative edge between us (I am not going to give in first :p). Has made my willpower so much stronger. He has smoked for 50 years so I am really proud of him.

I must admit though, if it wasn't for the people on here I might have caved in especially when times were tough. Home was fine but work was my worst place because 99.9% of them don't smoke (or don't admit it) so support was none as they seem to think you can just stop :eek:

Keep going you are doing really well.


Hi Lingy,

Well done to you and your OH on your quit :D On the first day part of me wanted him to be the first to cave so I had an excuse to have one :eek: Not the right attitude lol.

Hope you have managed to get a handle on the work thing. Non-smokers really do not, cannot have a clue what it is like. Someone being dismissive of the hard work you put in to staying quit is not very helpfull!

I am off work this week so that will help. I do not smoke much at work but will have to find something to replace the 'fag' break because I am bored and p****d off :rolleyes:

Gaynor x

Hi Gaynor

Good luck with your quit, I have a feeling this will be your last one.

Your positive attitude is an inspiration.


Awww, thanks John. I HAVE to do this and sooner rather than later. Have had a couple of short lived 'iffy' moments today but hey, I'm still alive :p

OH is doing really well. No strops ;) He has been and got some patches and has surprised me in a good way. This is the first time in the 11 years I have been with him that he has tried properly. Work is very stressfull for him so hope that getting a week under his belt (we are on holiday) will help.

Thanks for your support everyone :D

Gaynor x

Hi Gaynor :D

Well done hun you're still going an still trying you can do this I know you can and will one day find that sticky quit we all have in us

I did and so can you promise even though it took me over 50 years to kick this horrible addiction

Love and Hugs

MArg xxx

Hi Marg,

Lovely to hear from you.

I like the sound of a sticky quit. :D That is what I am going to call this one. Not just another quit but MY STICKY QUIT ;)

Thank you :)

Gaynor x

Congrats on getting back up onto the quit again, Gaynor.

Sticky quit? Sounds like it's a goer :cool:

Best of positive good wishes for you and OH, as ever :)

Excuse me whilst I say a quick 'hello' to Marg - Hope you're keeping well, Marg :)

All 3 of you keep on, keepin' on,


Hey there, Gaynor!

I'm so glad to see you're doing it. Sticky quit here we come!!

I know you can do this. Those horrible grabby moments that come later on in the quit *can* be beaten. And you know how much better you feel physically when you're not smoking. You just have to keep that at the forefront of your mind and take it one day at a time.

With you in spirit, every step of the way.


H x

Grumpy day 4

Thanks for your message Cav. Good to see you around :D

Helen, your right those grabby moments can be beaten otherwise all quitters would be where I am now :eek: Thanks for being there.

Today has found me, well, grumpy :mad: Woken at god knows what time by the cat scratching the floor. Shooed her off. Woke me again doing the same, she ran for the stairs when she saw me sit up so I aimed my slipper in her direction. Result of this? She came back in the bedroom and scratched my bum :eek: She can always find a bit of you even in the pitch dark lol.

Anyway, when I woke at a more normal get up time my first thought was 'I can't (don't) smoke'. That made me grumpy and it has carried on all day on and off. I am not going to smoke, have nothing to smoke and think I would still be grumpy lol. Just one of those days.

OH half however seems fine. No grumps, no tantrums and is happy chilling on his holiday. Good for him.

Hope everyone else is having a good, healthy, smoke free day.

Gaynor x

happy to see you back and that you are trying again! keep close to the forum and i wish you all the luck in the world!! good your oh is joining you!

its always a bit easier to go through hard times with someone! :)

Hey Gaynor

Wow there are a lot of updates in this post so I'll just reply a bit in general and to your last post.

It's really fantastic that you made it to day 4 now. Grumpiness is TOTALLY normal when you quit smoking, don't worry though it doesn't last that long :)

It really sounds like you are starting to get into the right mentality, waking up and thinking "I want to smoke, but I can't" is a LOT better than just waking up thinking "I want to smoke".

I think it's a good idea to acknowledge that you want to smoke instead of trying to ignore it. I find it really helps me to face my cravings head on, telling myself "yes, I want to smoke badly, but I'm not a smoker anymore and I can't smoke - here is why:".

Best of luck to you!

Hi G so so glad to see you back and so pleased you sound really possitive.

It must be good to have OH on the same train as you but dont let him fool you, he steps out the door and rips his hair out, he just doesnt want you to know LOL take care and just remember you can do this its just not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy.

As I said great to have you back x

Good on you Gaynor

Hi Gaynor

Great to see you having another go, good luck to you and I hope this one sticks.

Great to see you too Marg.


Hi Gaynor .. welll you must really hate smoking

all your efforts to stop ... im glad that you are keeping on going

with your quits .. good luck with it

may the force be with you :)

Hello gaynor

I totally understand all what you say... I have tried to give up countless times. This year I gave up for 4 weeks & hated myself as promised myself would quit when I was 40. However I have quit 4 days ago & it's 10 days before my 41st birthday!!! I did things bit differently this time as research Internet... I am taking cranberry extract vitamin& drinking cranberry juice s it supposed to help detox you. Im virtually going cold turkey all except for 5 or 6 microtabs a day. I have used patches before & not used them this time round & to be honest there is no difference... I've found I'm really hungry on night time & I read that your sugar levels drop a lot when you quit, so trying drink loads water & eat fruit & good stuff although I really want loads of chocolate to make me feel better!!!!

We can Do it!!

Hi Gaynor

I was amazed at the similarites between your situation and mine - previous fails, OH trying it with you this time, patches rather than cold turkey!!

Think this place is really going to help. I was tearing my hair out this morning but it is amazing how helpful a chat with people in the same boat can be.

Well done and good luck! x

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