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No Smoking Day
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Almost day 4

Tried to quit smoking a little while back but didnt last more than a day!

So here i am again but i thought id give it a few days before i posted just to make sure i had the will power to do it.

il hit day 4 in 50 mins as i stopped smoking at 10pm on thursday night.

Well, i feel pretty pants. Really stressy and grumpy but still not wanting to smoke. Feels very tempting to take it out on my bf seeing as hes so up for me quitting and positive about it, but then hes never been a smoker so its to be expected lol. trying my best to stop myself being mean :(

Just wondering how others feel about day 4. I was expected it to get easier today as the nicotines supposedly all gone from my system but i seem to have gone the other way and had a really stress free first 3 days and now its hit me!

Just trying to keep positive and look at all the nice things i can buy for my house in the next couple months with all my saved money from not smoking anymore. Thats my incentive to give up smoking! if im feeling a little low i just have a quick peek at the sofa i want, or something else iv set my sights on for the house! lol

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Oops Jadelina,

Another thread unreplied to. Guess you will be coming up to Day 5 now.

You mentioned that you thought that things would get easier after the nicotine had left your body. Well it does...but you also got to understand that you then are focussing upon dealing with the psychology of smoking. It's become such an ingrained habit and that needs to be unpicked and new more healthier set in place.

I take it that you are doing this Cold Turkey. Have a look at the various pieces of information that is available here on this forum. You may wish to hit the Search tab with some specific queries you have. Also visit the links in my sig and see what information you can gather there. It's all about trying to understand what's happening to you as you move from smoker to non-smoker and the more you understand the easier it becomes to deal with the various issues that arise.

Having clear outcomes, such as new furniture and what not, in mind helps too :)

Well done for coming back and giving things another go,



Great to see you back jadelina:D

Sends positive vibes your way ~~~~~

Spend time on your quit to read and reseach to understand the addition and why we smoke as knowledge is power:D

lee x


Thanks for all the positive thoughts and comments, helps a great deal and very much appreciated. But i feel im in a much better frame of mind and mood this time around and im doing it for good reasons and can see myself doing it.

whereas if im honest with myself iv never really seen myself able to see it through so in a way feel i was destined to fail. But im just trying to picture myself in a years time as a non smoker, and im succeeding!

Also just a random enquiry. I started my no smoking life on thursday at 10pm and its now tuesday night almost 10 so am i on day 5 hitting day 6? confused lol.


Random queries are good ;)

Okay, it does seem that you are fast approaching day 6 at the stroke of 10pm :cool:

Having said that, when you get to 2 or 3 or 4 weeks...it won't matter as much and you'll probably start to balance out in the normal 24 hour way of things. Although it will mostly likely be very precious to you that you stopped at 10pm on Thursday.

Every month when the 10th comes around I get really pleased with myself for the same reasons.

I'm trying to eke this post out until 10pm so that I can be the first to congratulate and welcome you to DAY 6 :cool:


The road to smoke free is littered with clean ashtrays


I hope all your days will be good and that before long you are curled up on your new sofa with your other half.

Well thats if he behaves and doesnt rattle you too much or you will be curled up on your new sofa with a new man.

Hee Hee sorry couldnt resist that.


Thanks muchly Cav :)

And i can safely say il be holding onto my man indefinately! Think hes used to my mood swings so this non smoking stretch should be a doddle! lol

Thanks alot for all your kind words, means alot.

Gratz me for being on day 6 woo! :p x


Jade girl... good to see you back!! :) Almost a week for you then? You keep going, okay! No looking back even if/when you hit some tough times... it's not easy but do-able and you'll be so glad. Hang in there, okay! xx bella


Well done Jade on your day 6

You can do this!!


Day 6 - well done and keep going. You're doing great.


Hi Jadelina :D

Welcome back and well done on 6 days smoke free that's great

Day 4 can be hard for some but soon it really will start to get easier

Sorry this was missed I haven't been around much the last couple of days and think it got overlooked on the evening of the 15th

Not sure how though as usually some one around at night I know even though I log off for the day around 5pm


Marg xx


thanks peeps :) Day 6 over halfway done :D:D not even tempted to smoke! :eek:


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