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Day 4 done and dusted(almost)

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Good evening my fellow ex smokers, hope you are all well. As the title says, day 4 is coming to an end and I feel good da na na nana na na. Not too bad today at all, I'm still very much on my guard as I know it's very early in my quit. I just wish I knew all days were going to be like this :rolleyes:. I hope I don't sound smug or anything.:eek:

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You don't sound smug mate ;) Keep it up :D

Thanks Salmoney, how are you doing

Nope you don't sound smug, you sound proud of what you've achieved just like me and everyone else on here. Keep up the good work


Yeah good thanks sho :) A few cravings here and there but nothing too bad... I like a few glasses of wine / Magners on weekends so that will be the big test :eek:

Glad to hear your day went well. I don't really drink so I don't have that battle. I am sure you will cope just fine:D

Well done Shojam - just keep up that positive attitude, and half the battle is won. :)

Fantastic Shojam. I'm feeling much the same - day 4 coming to an end and the worst side effects are easing off. From past experience the next weeks are the danger zone when complacence sets in. Just remember there is no such thing as 'just one' cigarette - then you have to repeat the whole process again! Stay strong - well done. :D

Oh LOL I keep feeling guilty as i am so proud each time i fight an urge n i then think ooohh i really am being smug! But why shouldnt we indulge in a bit of smugness? Noone ever died from it! WELL DONE YOU!!


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