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No Moaning Day


I realise we are all in our own personal struggles against the filthy weed and it effects us all differently.

How about a Day where we don't moan 'No Moaning Day'... Instead we tell of the positive gains... Financial, health, relationships, feeling positive etc etc...

Don't know how much money I have saved but I do know I feel much more able to deal with the day to day. When I smoked I used to feel scared of just about everything. Never stopped me doing things but it gave me butterflies all the time.

I don't feel scared, I guess it was anxiety, I feel I am able to cope and ready to get on with all the things I've wanted to do.

Anyone else got some good stuff?

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I had anxiety before I stopped, hated it, it dissappeared the same time I stopped, I am so glad.

Best wishes with your quit.


I enjoy moaning :p

But seriously, i feel really positive now too!

I used to get the butterflies too! But now i dont :D

So far i have saved about 15 pounds!! Going to take the sprogs to the cinema with it!!

You sound really motivated and positive...keep it up!

Yes, definitely less anxiety here, feel much more chilled and relaxed.

Happy days.

Lorraine :)

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