No Smoking Day
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Just fancied a moan.!!

Hi all

think im in right room as just checked Denise's..., 3wks and 1 day not one smoke....Yippee!!:D

Really happy I have got this far but am feeling pretty crap today,the voices in my head are really shouting at me, all my get up and go has got up and gone lol...I cant be bothered with anything really peed off with being peed off but to peed off to do anything about it!!! Could just sit and eat read and play on here all day...

I am having rubbish sleep so thats not helping!!!

I am in constant pain with my legs it hurts to do any exercise so I dont, used to go gym but it hurt to much.

Im waiting for a hip replacement at 49 yrs old how crap is that!!

Feeling really fed up!!!

Anyway thats my moan for today hope I have cheered you all up :D

Take no notice I just need a slap!!:rolleyes:

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Hi Toyah,

Don't worry about having a moan .. it the great british prerogative!

If you are housebound there's a funny movie on bbc iplayer with Woody Allen - Small Time Crooks - I watched it yesterday as I was house bound in the rain taking up curtains (they had been waiting for me to take them up for a full year!) and had a good laugh.

You're doing fantastic Toyah, at last we seem to be clocking up some time under our belts .. can't wait for a month ;)

Take this time for a bit of self-indulgence - you deserve it!


Good for you Toyah, get it out of your system. You must be a bit peed off, I think we all would be, bet the pain is horrible. You don't need a slap you need a little cuddle and if I were twenty years younger I'd be over there to give you one (A cuddle). David


Och, I'd just give her a slap ;)

Keep at it Toyah!


Och, I'd just give her a slap ;)

Keep at it Toyah!

ha ha Dotdot, might just do the trick, failing that(((((((hugs)))))))):D


Ha Ha you lot just made me laugh...

thanks for the cuddle David :D

and dotdot lol I need a proper bitch slap would do me the world of good!!! Thanks for the hug shojam and stop encouraging dotdot lol.....

Hi suze thanks for your support im not house bound just cant be bloody bothered to do anything not very busy with work and have a lot of time on my hands so just keep lounging around got loads I could be doing lol need a big kick up the bum :D

Keep thinking about smoking but my throat is so sore it would kill me think im having the week 3 thing just need to shut up and get on with it...but thanks for listening lol it helps to have a moan..xx


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