No Smoking Day
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no more moaning!!todays the day!!!

hiya all,

well done enough moaning bout my lack of willpower,with the cigs and booze!!!!had a long hard chat to myself and know that if i did it before i can do it patch on and nico mist for help(want to try and avoid the lozzies as was totally addicted to them!! gonna find that hard too!! if think its gonna help me quit ill get some tho,and not goin to have a drink this week tomato juice and water all the worrying a bit bout the after work cig but wont take my purse so cant buy ne:) catch you laters xx

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Good luck becca, positive thinking.....


From me as well Becca, Good luck Hun, you can do this you know you can. Take it one minute, one hour then one day at a time.

:) Keep smiling :)


Ah well done Becca. That sounded really positive.

Keep up the determination. Good luck! ;)


thanks everyone!! finished work 2 hours ago and doing fine!! xx:)


wonderful becca...good stuff..keep it up!!:)


Well done Becca. You totally can do this.

I recommend playing zuma blitz on facebook (if you're on facebook) to get you through the evening cravings. Very good distraction!!

Helen xx


Good luck to you xx :D

We CAN do this...

Magda x


Good luck Becca , you can do this .......:D

Trev x


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