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Day 36

Hi Folks,

Day 36 or 5 weeks completed! I should be over the moon but just feeling a bit bleurgh. Had a good moan in week 3 yesterday which did make me feel better and had an early night but still a bit rubbish today.

Was dreaming about smoking last night and it was the first one where I remember actually smoking. I had four and had smoked three and loved them. I knew I had quit but didn't care any more and said "Its OK I can stop again after I finish these 4" :eek: A bit shaken after that lol! Feel a bit weird now. Don't want to smoke so don't understand why my mind would do this to me.

I opted for chocolate and lots of it last night and might need to do the same today. Anything that helps right :o


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WOW - 5 weeks today


You're doing great, and yes, anything that helps but .... well you know what!

The dreams could be down to the patches, but you are not giving in - and that's brill.

Big pat on the back from me.:)


It's ok to feel a bit rubbish, we're at the stage where our bodies have had to deal with a whole load of change that's really taken it's toll over the last month or so. I'm pleased like you wouldn't beleive to be out of weeks 2 and 3, that was an unmitigated nightmare for me (and any week 2 and 3'ers reading this take heart that it DOES get better).

It's a funny stage of the process this bit. I feel like I'm waiting for something to happen. Like waiting for a bus that isn't ever going to arrive. Point is we are non smokers. That's it. There you have it.

I agree with Sarah that your dreams are very likely down to the patches. I had technicolour dolby stereo surround sound dreams when I last used them on a previous quit attempt. You're being fed nicotine so the cigarette association is still in your subconscious. When you feel the time is right get shot of them and the dreams will subside.


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