No Smoking Day
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Woken up feeling great!!!

Day 3 today, and i feel great, i didnt cough when i woke up, and i didnt crave until after breakfast. :)

I also slept like a baby and felt really refreshed this morning.

BUT today is going to be my test, my friend who smokes is coming round for just gunna have my inhalator inside my mouth constantly...look like someone with a pipe Lol.

Anyway, i hope your all doing well and craving less!! :D xx

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Well done Elli, you are doing great. Hope smoking friends all go outside now you deserve to breath fresh air.



That's what I'm most worried about. I'm going out on Saturday for a meal and drinks. My fellow quitter (couple of months ahead of me) will be out though so I'll stick with him!


draw the strength from your fellow quitter, and don't over-drink. Be merry of course, but keep a level of control there is my advice, you have plenty of time in months to come to let your hair down, but for now, keep things in perspective you're on week 1 so keep that in mind always and don't take any risks.

Well done on getting to today, don't worry on whats happening further down the line though, just focus on the day your on for now.



I'm still here too

Hi Elli

Nice one getting to day 3...I was singing in the shower this morning and have just finished playing 2 hours of tennis... Feel pooped but not coughing up my guts...

Nicotine should have left our bodies... Just the Brain washing to deal with now :)


Defrog, i was going to see where you had got to!! I feel like i have loads of energy today, ive done all my housework, not sure if i could do 2 hours of tennis tho Lol.

Keep it up :)

My friend came round and she didnt smoke, bless her, shes really supportive, so it wasnt hard at all.

Between writing the first post and this, i lost my inhalator, and even tho i didnt feel the need to use it, as soon as id lost it i felt so desperate...found it, and still not used it, but feel better knowing where it is. If that makes any sense.


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