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Woken up by Neighbour smoking !!!

This is so unreal I had to look out the window to check !!!

Last night is it was quite warm I slept with my window ajar

In the middle of the night I was woken by the smell of cigarette smoke,as you do i rolled over and thought I was dreaming, 2 mins later there it was again so i looked out of the window only to see a neighbour smoking in the garden !!!

Spooky but also made me think that my sense of smell must really be picking up !! especially as i was upstairs and the neightbour was some distance away.

Anyway smelt awful I wish more smokers would try quitting and just experience the benefits im getting

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Hi Lulee :D

Oh dear woken by a neighbour smoking that's just not on it it but yes that sense of smell must be good now


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Keep a bucket of water beside your bed tonight..........if you smell it again.......woooooooossshh :D

Carol x


Its amazing how bad we all smelled and never noticed. The smell of smoke makes me gag now


ha ha - my hubby still smokes and I make him go way up the other end of the garden. I do like the idea of the bucket of water though!

I am turning into a bit of a millitant anti-smoker ... i find it catches in my throat and makes me cough (I mean someone else smoking, not me of course!!!!) and even the smell of it on someone who has just had one makes me cough too. I can't believe I used to be happy to walk about smelling like that, it's disgusting! Poor hubby got it last night as well. I was drifting off to sleep, he got into bed and he'd obviously not long had a smoke, tried to cuddle up but I cried out "YUK!!!!" and quickly turned over. I was only half awake, I didn't mean to be nasty but .... he just stinks. I hope it will help him see the light and he'll give up himself soon.


My sense of smell rocks as well. And for now I know what my neighbours (I live in the block of flats) even cook! I hope this is a temporary reaction to quiting and in some time my nose will learn how to ignore completely all of that.


When I was smoking there was nothing worse than a reformed smoker, and now, even though stopped for a while I still dislike hearing people preaching. We all know it makes us smelly and sometimes seem to be anti-social, but so what, if people don't want to stop that's up to them. How many of you people have stopped completely the first time of trying. If you think it's bad people blowing smoke near you, just think of small children being wheeled along the pavement in buggies, just at the right level for exhaust fumes from cars. Thank you for letting me waste a couple of minutes before I call the bingo lol. David


I think the only problem really is that the smoke is rising and up into the bedroom of someone who is trying to quit. As if having smoking dreams isn't enough :)



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