No Smoking Day
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Ok here goes

Back on Day 1, realised i shouldn't have posted on this day last week as i still hadn't stopped, but was on Champix at the time!!

Day 11 of Champix today and the day i stop - very scary but I CAN do it.(i hope):eek:

The last cigarette last night tasted foul, but i made myself smoke it to the end to remind me how disgusting they really are!!

Here goes...........


Oh, and how do i set up a signature??

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Hi Beccy :D

The thought of stopping is worse than doing it I promise

To set up a signature go to user CP top left hand corner

Then to settings and options, click edit signature, write in whatever you want then hit the submit Button OK


Marg xx


Hi Beccy, well done here you are the first day of the rest of your life, by this evening you will have done a whole day smoke free, after 3 days all the nicotine is out of your system.

Do the reading, stay positive, post often, you can do this and remember you are worth it.

Good luck for you first smoke free day.



Thanks very much Marg and Bev. Starting to feel a bit jittery, but have just signed up for a 3 day trial at the gym!! Hopefully that will take my mind off things!! And by my reckoning, i am so unfit that i will need an early night for the next 3 days. There is a method to my madness!! ha ha!:D


Hi Beccy

I am on day 12 of my champix and like you day one of my quit. Second time round for me so i sort of know what to expect, this site helped a lot last time i quit, so keep posting and good luck, just get through today smoke free..



Well done Beccy and Mark, wishing you both all the best, come on regularly and let us know how you are doing.



Back again

Thanks Mark and Jackie. This site is great!!

Been for my first gym class trial, couldn't have smoked even if i wanted to afterwards as was exhausted. Still holding out. But seem to be drinking loads of tea! I used to be a coffee person, but i am trying to change the habits that i associated with smoking. Can't wait to get day 1 over and done with. I know i won't smoke after that as i have to go and get my carbon monoxide levels checked and a new prescription of Champix on Wednesday night, and i want them to be low low low low.

Have printed out a quit and save calculator, so each day i can see how much money i have saved, have stuck it on my monitor so i can't ignore it!!

All these things help soo much.


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