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Ok here goes - Short story for the Forum - Enjoy

My Exit


Stepping outside from the humidity of the smelly grain silo port office, the door slammed behind me. The boss wasn't in good form and neither was I. I pondered my reasons later for quitting.

At home the restlessness had subsided more than 6 days ago and I was glad the stress was over and I no longer wished to be surrounded by those awful disgusting smells. The relentless days of not taking that whiff up ones nostrils was very welcoming.

Nearly a fortnight later I'd climbed into my car and had driven an hour until the salt air met me at the edge of the sand. I love Sundays at the beach. Hair hanging loosely, sandals in my hand, water gently tickling my toes...I'd just wished he was with me but Id accepted he was no longer good for me and it was over. How much more worse could it get.

It took a while before I came face to face with him. I'd gone to the shop to get a cool drink from the fridge and I just knew he'd be there. His face was hidden as he remained behind the door.

A girl walked up and stood beside me and asked for him by his usual nick-name so then I knew he'd tricked some other poor woman with his wiles and charms. I smiled at him as the door opened and he came into view. It was then I realised I no longer needed him.

L&B's please, she'd requested.

The next day I went back to work. I must ask the boss to fix that bl***y door.

"Enjoy your fortnight off?" asked the boss, "the heat in here is still unbearable".

"I did thanks and my cravings have all gone too" I grinned.

By Paula D46

24th July, 2014.

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Thanks Titch. Did it make you think something different til you got to the end or did you guess before the meaning was revealed?


Hi Titch

Yeah you can ask, its ok. Ive suffered with Colitis and have been in remission while smoking. Ive tried loads of the drugs that the consultants have given me. The 5-Asa type drugs and they are all much the same, seem to make me worse, not better. When Ive been stressed with the Colitis, Ive taken back to smoking and it always has gotten better. Im giving this my 100% but also doing things to de-stress this time. If that makes me a little selfish by taking time to myself then Im guilty but if it keeps me well then bring it on. I absolutely hate smoking. Colitis also seems to be stress related. The doctors have been amazed at my colonoscopy results which show no inflammation when on no drugs and just smoking.

What can I say.

I have every reason to stay quit but I must take things easy. One thing a doctor said to me more recently was, maybe its the thought that going off the cigarettes is stressful and its made me think, she could be right. Colitis is not nice. While being in remission it has given me a quality of life I thought I would never have but it certainly is always a last resort for me.

This time though, my diet has changed, I no longer eat certain foods which made me feel ill. Im getting more exercise which is very enjoyable. When at the height of my illness, I haven't been able to get outside the door. When I'm well, I feel like a normal person. HeyYYY! Define Normal. lol

Hopefully this is my time. I just learned to relax more.

Thanks for asking.


Breathe free and stay safe.


Quite right Paula, he does hide, but we know where he lives , don't we?

Doing so very well just keep going, lovely little story



Loved the way you told your story. I have an ex too, kicked him into touch, he was called 'Mr Silky Cut', and there was nothing smooth about him either.

I think you're going to be an asset to the 'Forum' with stories like that.

You're doing fab my love:)

Fi x


Blimey, we do have some literary stars on the forum don't we?

Love your short story, Paula and also love Max's synopsis for a Friday 13th style horror movie. :)


Great story Paula, your posts are very good and they make me smile. This forum is a lovely place to be because all its member are so nice. I look forward to logging in and checking what's been happening :)


Thanks folks for all your compliments.......

Me too Nicky me too lol

Ohhhhhhh that's quite chilling Max lol

Aye Tracey, and lets keep him where he belongs grrrrrr :D

I agree with you Skiddaw, Max made another film in that paragraph he wrote. I like. Worth remembering.

Thanks Nutmeg. Everyone here is an asset. I cant believe the support that everyone shares with each other. Fantastic.


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