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day 13 now

I'm on day 13 now of not having a fag woo hoo! came off the patches on day 7 by accident ( forgot to put 1 on lol) decided to try see how long i could go before needing to put a patch on when i realised hadn't. so no more patches either . Had a really bad day on day 10 could have bounced my head off a wall with the craving for a fag had a lot of help from a good friend and a chocolate goodie bag from my mum too . feeling alot better now and hope to stay feeling this way .

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Well done getting to 13 days and finishing with the patches, the nicotine will be out of your system now. You could read some of the info on the websites in our signatures, there is some great help to stay stopped.



For sure you are doing well.

Day 14 wait...that's 2 weeks :cool:

Getting started with this stopping is the main thing. Whether you start with patches, CT, Champix etc, doesn't matter in the long run. Get these early days and weeks past and gain the confidence that you can make it...and you don't need to be chained to the stupid habit.

Jackie is right in saying to have a look at the links in our sigs. They do give good solid advice which augments the advice on these boards. Something that stood out recently for me was when an experienced quitter suggested that you should read ahead and see roughly what the road is gonna be like. Nothing like pre-planning. But you do have to remember that we are all unique and we do have slightly different experiences.

Wishfulthinking is turning into reality ;)


Well done you, you had a really bad day and came out the other side a non smoker, this will make the rest of your quit stronger.

I also had help from friends and help from Chocolate hard to figure which one helped the most :eek: (tell that to my hips)

Do the reading it really will help, and of course keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.


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